Monday, September 21, 2015

U.S. Foreign Policy Caught on Camera!

U.S. foreign policy was captured on film by two hikers on Mount Rainier, in a revealing photo showing two ghostly figures clasping hands in a rainbow halo.

Known as a "Broken Deceptor," US foreign policy appears as a shadow on mist or cloud, causing a circular rainbow halo to form around it.

Obama Waves Goodbye to Foreign Policy

According to one of the hikers, "As the day went on, the Deceptor would last longer and was more prominent and colorful. The best display was in the evening, when the Deceptor appeared very clear, large and a short distance from us, right before thick clouds rolled in and obstructed the sun."

NATO Cultural Attache to the Kremlin

Rumors that Elton John, NATO cultural attache to the Kremlin, has been asked by President Obama to take over from John Kerry as Secretary of State have not been substantiated.

Russia is now fighting ISIS in Syria.



LL said...

SIR Elton John is your chap...knighted by the Queen and all that. Perfect for your foreign secretary. He could threaten Russia regarding homosexual rights. I know that Putin would be terrified.

I'm sure that we Americans would go with Madonna as out Secretary of State under Clinton (or Weiner-Holder). Think of it, somebody who could simply hex our enemies.

Mattexian said...

Sir Elton can't be all that bad. After all, he's an *unperson* according to all that know better, after he dared to violate the libtards ban on playing a concert in Israel, a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Sir Elton has the right to buy human eggs, he has the right to rent women's bodies, he has the right to traffic babies into the UK and he has the right to wear a carpet on his head. Thirty years of sticking Cocaine up his hooter has not affected his judgement in the least - just ask his Mum!

LSP said...

That's very politically astute, LL. Madonna's a shoe-in for SecState; let's leave Elton in the U.K.

LSP said...

I'd forgotten about the Israel concert, Mattexian.

LSP said...

Are you suggesting that Sir Elton is some kind of hoover, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Hoovers are domestic appliances, got to go a bit more industrial!

Mattexian said...

LSP, I get all my pop-culture news from The People's Cube, as relevant and reliable as any other source out there.
I guess in light of current events, being gay is more esteemed than a half-decade old sin of Zionistic pride.