Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, Two-Bit Leftie or Islington Shill?

Right wingers in England are worried that the new head of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, will destroy what used to be Great Britain and make it even less great than it already isn't. How will he do that?

By getting rid of the UK's nuclear weapons and disbanding its Army, Navy and Airforce. "What?!?" you exclaim with shock, "England has an Army, a Navy and an Airforce?" Apparently yes, sort of, and some nuclear missiles too. You never know, the Sceptered Isle might be able to deter Israel, or Iran, maybe even Pakistan or Zimbabwe with its mighty arsenal. Corbyn wants to get rid of that.

He also wants to nationalise the once great Britain's trains, flood the country with Mohammedan terrorists, and pay undergraduate students money to take lesbian theater study degrees at the London School of Economics.

Typical Islington Street Scene

The list goes on, and the MP from North Islington sounds exactly like what you'd expect, from the MP from North Islington. Comsymp Pinko altruist? Compared to Hillary, who isn't.  Two-Bit Lefty? Tick. Islington Shill? Obviously. 

But here's the thing, Piers Morgan hates him. Perhaps he deserves a chance?

Corbyn, not the appalling Morgan.



LL said...

The problem is that Corbyn (like Sanders or Clinton in the US) screw things up and if it goes really wrong and somebody just decides to take over Great Britain by 'showing up', you can't do a reset, the way that Hillary did with Russia. You'd think that the UK would have learned from Neville Chamberlain, but I guess not.

LL said...

The question on many people's mind is whether Corbyn is actually a golem, formed from the mud in a toxic waste spill and them magically animated by Madonna (who lives in the UK in a castle like some medieval witch from folklore). Since the Archbishop of Canterbury is widely believed to be the human version of a house-elf, there is precedent.

LSP said...

Chamberlain's spirit looms large over the Uk, and so does Madonna's. I think it's likely that Corbyn is a golem. Welby is obviously a house-elf.