Friday, September 4, 2015

Episcopal Church Pilgrimage to Ferguson's Holy Ground

The Episcopal Church is organizing a youth pilgrimage to Ferguson, which the Bishop of Missouri, Wayne Smith, describes as "holy ground."

The Saint

“A tourist merely passes through a place; a pilgrim comes to a place in a posture of vulnerability and then allows the place and its people in. No one intended it, but through the ravages of racism, past and current, St. Louis has become a place for pilgrims. There is holy ground here," stated Smith, referring to Ferguson, "And no one can stand on it and encounter its people without being changed.”

Lives Being Changed, by The Saint

Without being changed? Like the way a shopkeeper's life was changed when Michael Brown assaulted him before rushing a cop, punching him and then trying to grab his gun? Or the way people's lives were changed when their shops were looted by off-the-hook thugs?

The Saint's Friends Getting Some Change

There's nothing holy about Ferguson at all, it's an urban ghetto hell-hole, and trying to invent a phony race martyr out of a person like Michael Brown isn't going to fix anything. Except maybe salve your guilty, upper middle class, white privileged conscience. 

White Privilege

Bishop Wayne Smith, you and your fake pilgrimage to the fake shrine of the fake saint is risible at best. You are a mountebank and a fraud, like Al Sharpton and Lesley McSpadden.

The Frauds

Tickets to pilgrimage cost $500. Pilgrims get to visit the shrine of Michael Brown and take part in community organization and racism awareness workshops.




LL said...

If you go, take the Glock...and half a dozen spare mags loaded with Hornady +P JHP.

LSP said...

I'm not planning on going but if I do, I'll take your advice.

Undergroundpewster said...

I suggest the Bishop make his pilgrimage through there on foot, after midnight, if he wants to find holy ground.

LL said...

Most of the looters and rioters who burned and destroyed were not from Fergusson. They came from other areas to destroy those people's businesses because we all know that blacklivesmatter. They wiped out those black-owened businesses for the sake of a dead thug that nobody cared about when he was alive and nobody cared about when he was dead. It was only an excuse to steal and be -- who they are.

When white people are killed, you don't see other whites running to the area to destroy businesses do you? Thus the difference. I'm sure that all this is lost on the priest leading the tour.

LSP said...

That's a good idea, Pewster. Maybe it'd change his life.

LSP said...

Are you sure you're not a hater, LL?

Some people's lives were defined by war against the Nazis and their allies, some by the Civil Rights movement of the '60s. The Episcopalians who cooked up a Ferguson tour belong to the latter category, and they're desperate to reinvent that moment.

But all they've got is Michael Brown and an increasingly phony narrative. The clergyperson leading the tour doubtless believes in it, but I'd be surprised if Bishop Stacy Sauls or Wayne Smith elected to live and work in Ferguson. Slumming it for a day or two is a different matter entirely.

LL said...

Your arguments for me to go are compelling. A few questions first?

Do I get a free ObamaPhone if I sign up for the tour?

Can I go on the tour in black face, so I can commune more fully with the people in the ghetto? We know that's politically correct these days - and can even be profitable as you move up in the ranks of the NAAACP and BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Are they planning to serve chicken and watermelon on the tour so that those visiting the ghetto can get the whole experience?

Call Bishop Sauls and let me know what he says. I'm on the fence at the moment.

LL said...

LSP - Your mother needs to go on the tour. As the wife of an Episcopal cleric and the mother of another, she could lend her unique perspective of the situation there for those on the tour, and to the Bishop. Actually if your mother goes, it would be worth going just to sit in the back of the bus (in black face) and watch everything.

LSP said...

I'm with you. I think my Mother would be a force multiplier on the tour and give it extra edge.

I'll run the idea by her.

Mattexian said...

Let's make it a group trip, the DLC can tow some "borrowed" artillery pieces from Ft Hood, and we can start some "urban renewal" overnight, Godzilla-style.

LL said...

I am very partial to the flechette canister round for street clearance. Call me old fashioned.

LSP said...

The Ferguson Tour is beginning to sound like a cross between the relief of Mafeking and Hue... I think we need air power.