Monday, September 14, 2015

The Gramsci Beat

Are you sick of people saying "narrative"? As though reality was some kind of fruity little story? If so, you might like this:

"The crucial importance of narrative to the leftist project cannot be overstated. Storytelling—or a form of it in which old themes are mined and twisted—sits at the center of everything the Left does. Leftists are fueled by a belief that in the modern world, it does not so much matter what the facts are, as long as the story is well told. Living in a malevolent, upside-down fantasy world, they would rather heed their hearts than their minds, their impulses than their senses; the gulf between empirical reality and their ideology-infused daydreams regularly shocks and surprises them, even as it discomforts or kills millions who suffer the consequences of their delusions."

You can read the whole thing here.




LL said...

One need only pick up a history textbook to see this in action as the leftist revisionists twist and turn history into a politically correct tome based on the "reality" of the now, which has very little to do with history. But it plays well in Berkeley and the Hamptons.

When I was in Texas and spoke to your son about history, he was shocked and amazed. He's not alone, there is an agenda at work and it has nothing to do with not repeating the mistakes of the past. In the weird world of present-day history, black people didn't sell other black people into slavery for fun and profit in Africa. Some of them even say that the USA faked the Apollo lunar landings to force the USSR into bankruptcy by urging them to compete. It's all B. S. but liberal love the lie.

There is no surprise that Hillary Clinton is their champion.

LSP said...

I'm constantly amazed that US and Canadian schools have replaced History with something called "Social Studies."

Good luck with that self-serving narrative of idiocy, foolishness and deceit.