Tuesday, September 1, 2015

City of Screaming Tires

A churchperson's truck developed a mysterious flat, and the relative that was going to fix the tire had a blow-out on the way to do so. He rolled his truck and miraculously no-one was killed, though the vehicle was totaled. So I offered to help.

After getting the wheel off, the reason for the flat was obvious. A big spike had embedded itself in the tire, ruining its performance.

Similar, when you think of it, to all those classified documents that found their way into Hillary's secret server, wrecking her chance to travel along the road to becoming the world's most powerful woman, ever.

Californians Trying to Break Into Texas

We loaded the wheel in the back of my truck and took it to a used tire store in Slap Out, and got a new tire. As we waited, I looked at my tires. Lo and behold, the driver's side front tire was worn down to the metal. I got that fixed, too.

I reflect on this adventure from the front porch, after drinking a coffee and saying Morning Prayer. I haven't seen any Californian illegals coming down the street, begging and hustling, but if they do, I'm armed. With a Glock 21.

And that's country life, in Texas.



LL said...

Even pre-spike, that tire had seen better days --- but never fear. The Californian immigrants and the Austin natives can make those tires useful as the soles of sandals. They're sort of a Jesus sandal, even though there is no evidence that THE Jesus (not the Mexican fruit picker named Jesus - also the son of Maria and Jose) wore sandals with tire tread soles. If he had, it would have been quite the rage.

LSP said...

I'd forgotten about tire sandals. I should set up a shop and make some tin off of the Californian surge.

LL said...

You can be forgiven for the oversight since you're not from California and you don't hang in Austin (home of displaced Californians).