Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Obama Devil Horns

Reviled by many as a Red Communist and a Green Eco-Nut, Pope Francis has nonetheless succeeded in revealing President Obama as Satan. 

Known for his scorn of Christianity and love of transsexuality, Obama can be clearly seen standing next to the Pope, with a pair of devil horns.

This has happened before.

Coincidence? Unlikely.



LL said...

So the Pope's visit was able to prove a point!

Not to infer that it surprised anyone, but it is reaffirming.

jenny said...

Well, as they say, "If the horns fit..."

LSP said...

The Pope has a reputation as an exorcist, LL. Maybe he'll "liberate" the President?

LSP said...

They certainly seem to, Jenny.

LL said...

Mephistopheles was driven out. Are you suggesting that the Pope is attempting to rehabilitate him? Why don't you send a message to the Vatican that they need to send the Pope to Welby to cast Satan out there (too)?

LSP said...

We can only hope, LL.