Friday, September 18, 2015

Obama Gets Even More Gayer in Bid to Shame Pope

Just when you thought President Obama couldn't get much gayer, we learn that he's invited a cast of rainbow clowns to meet and shame Pope Francis, when the Supreme Pontif visits America in September. Who are these clowns?

Love Free or Tank at the Box Office

The most famous gay bishop in the world, ever, Gene Robertson, who left his wife and kids to marry Mark and then divorced him, but not before he wrecked the Anglican Communion and starred in the blockbuster smash hit "Love Free or Die." Good choice, Obama.

All Means All, Viv

Then there's "Viv," the famous Episcopalien transsexual, who started off a man, then became a woman, got hired by Integrity and then got a pink slip. "All means all!" was Viv's war cry and Obama's told him to bring all 5 of  the friends he thought most appropriate for a meeting with the Pope. Who are these friends? According to Virtueonline:

Nicole Santamaria, the Secretary of Asociacion Colectivo Alejandria an Hispanic LGBT advocacy group; Marcia Garber a member of Dignity-USA and the mother of a transgendered child; Mateo Williamson, a cross-dressing transgender Catholic and the former co-chairman of Transgender Caucus for Dignity-USA; the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, an LGBT advocate, liberal Episcopal theologian, the director of Mission & Reconciliation at General Theological Seminary and chaplain to the Episcopal House of Bishops (reports are that Canon Spellers will be unable to attend the Pope's soiree because she didn't RSVP in time); and the Rev. Cameron Partridge, a transgendered Episcopal priest who preached at the Washington National Cathedral.

Nice mark of respect for the leader of the majority of the world's Christians, right? 

The catholics of this country need to stand up and be counted, in fact all Christians do, before they get steamrolled by the pink juggernaut of gayness.



Infidel de Manahatta said...

Unfortunately the majority of Catholics voted for Obama and support gay marriage. I don't see too many getting upset over this.

LL said...

Some people have absolutely not limits, no shame and no bottom to the well of depravity that they descend into.

Mattexian said...

Part of me fears that everyone in this bunch would still be manlier than Barry. But he's got a pen and a phone, so that counts for something.

LL said...

This is why Russia is so afraid of America.

LSP said...

I wish you were wrong, Infidel.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Mattexian. I'd be surprised if Viv couldn't take down Barry in a quick dust up.

LSP said...

I get the feeling that Putin's quaking in his boots at the prospect of Obama's pink onslaught, LL. As for depravity, well, what can we say.

Brig said...

As a heathen catholic it appears to me that this pope is doing just as much damage as Obama. It is amazing that so many would follow either one of them... sigh