Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Never Forget, The Religion of Peace

I won't bore you with my 9/11 stories except to say that I was in DC at the time and there was a moment, when the plane went into the Pentagon, that we were more than half expecting a nuclear flash. First a plane, then a suitcase nuke, sort of thing. That didn't happen.

What did happen is that we launched a war against radical Islam, without naming the enemy, and I was in favor of that. I still am. This led to some arguments in London, a few months later, where everyone seemed to think that the best response to the Islamic terrorists was to do exactly nothing while we wept into crying towels, went to face painting workshops and got on with the business of denouncing the evils of America.

But one friend was different. He said that Saddam Hussein was the wrong target and that the real enemy was Saudi Arabia. I pounded my fist and bellowed and drank many more pints like the best kind of public house jingoist until the conversation shifted.

Looking back on that conversation, I have to say my friend had a point. In the meanwhile, Western Europe is opening its borders to hundreds of thousands of Mohammedans from the Middle East. Some of these will do their very best to emulate their Prophet, and live by the Koran and the Hadith.

What could go wrong with that, it's a religion of peace, right? Go ask Kayla Mueller; oh, you can't, she's dead, after having her finger nails ripped out and being turned into a Koranic sex-slave.



LL said...

Saudi Arabia doesn't want and refuses to accept any of the "human lice" from Syria that are flooding into Europe. All those fellow Muslims in need from their fellows in the religion of peace.

70% of the Syrians are military age males according to a Fox News report. Many of them are Shiites (which is why Saudi Arabia doesn't want them).

Since we are now friends with Iran, whose national policy is to obliterate the US and Israel from the face of the Earth with nuclear weapons, I find it odd that they don't accept their fellow Shiia. Then again, since I am not one of the cut-throats in the Religion of Peace, what I think doesn't matter. I'm only an American voter. Therefore my opinion has no weight in DC.

LSP said...

Islam's a lot like Buddhism, only way more peaceful. Ask any one of our elected leaders on either side of the Atlantic.

But the Muslims might want to think twice about moving to Germany, given precedent.

LL said...

Germany is flirting with trouble by opening their doors. Maybe they can afford to provide welfare to all of those people? That's clearly a German problem -- but with Europe's open borders, all of their neighbors will also end up bearing the yoke.