Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Russian Town Ruled By Bears

According to the Primorska newspaper, a Russian town of 21,000 people near the border with China, Luchegorsk, is now ruled by two bears, a brown bear and a Himalayan bear. The two large bears wander the streets of their town, forcing scared locals to stay indoors.

A further 36 bears are reportedly circling Luchegorsk, in what one one female resident described as a military operation.

"Our hunters say that they looked at the area from a helicopter - there are crowds of these bears, like army units. My friends told me bears smashed their three yards where they keep bees. We are scared to walk outside. All doors are shut in kindergartens, there are written warnings everywhere walking with kids is allowed only in certain areas."

Some claim that Washington DC is ruled by a bear. That is as absurd as it is preposterous.

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LL said...

The "Care Bears" in the White House want to pick your pocket in the name of Social Justice - because they care. Just ask any one of them.

LSP said...

Care Bears have a voracious appetite for cash, other people's cash.

jenny said...

As a kid, "my" Care Bear was Cheer Bear, the pink one with a rainbow on her tummy. This is how wikipedia describes her: "Her rainbow belly badge brings joy and lets her shoot magical rainbows, which have the power to guide the bears."

The "shooting magical rainbows" part seems strangely familiar to prior posts about our president... who also manages to guide the bears with promises of hope, joy, and cheer.

Maybe Obama is Cheer Bear. That's dignified.