Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comrade Corbyn, Clay Golem?

Hundreds of thousands of Bolsheviks, Stalinists, Red Communists and their fellow travelers in the declining Church of England, are rejoicing that Comrade Corbyn has been made head of the Labour Party and plans to save Great Britain from the clutches of a sinister cabal of Old Etonians.

A Clay Golem

But is Corbyn the promised savior of the Islington proletariat or a clay golem, magicked into being by the dark arts of an evil old witch? One prominent member of the US Intelligence community seems to think so.

An English, ahem, Lady

"The question on many people's mind is whether Corbyn is actually a golem, formed from the mud in a toxic waste spill and them magically animated by Madonna," stated a well placed source, on the condition of anonymity.

An Evil Old Witch

Clay golem or regular Red, Comrade Corbyn has been endorsed by demented celebrity millionaire socialist, Russell Brand.


Workers of the world unite.



LL said...

Freaks such as Corbyn arise, then history repeats and they're tossed down like Chairman Mao, and the host of bolsheviks who have infected the historical timeline.

LSP said...

I don't know much about Comrade Corbyn, but I'm more than a little worried about the Madonna connection.

Anonymous said...

Corbyn is a clown. His deputy, Tom Watson, is a much more serious operator. Watson has already stated that he will not support abandoning British Nukes or pulling out of NATO, which is what weird beard and Children's Crusade want. Watson is referred to as the "Hammer of the Nonces", because of his zealous exposing of the paedophile Parliamentarians and Jimmy Saville scandals, in the face of stiff establishment opposition. Therefore, Watson has a brain, moral convictions and the guts to stick to them. Watson is the man to watch. Corbyn by contrast has a nice collection of protest badges.

LSP said...

Interesting analysis, Anonymous.

Michael Peterson said...

He looks good in that rather Lenin-ish hat. More politicians should wear hats, methinks.

LSP said...

I agree, Padre. It is a rather successful little hat and I'm surprised more politicians don't follow Comrade Corbyn's lead on this.