Sunday, September 13, 2015

All Hail Texas

There isn't much in Itasca, apart from an eerily impressive war memorial, and Karen's Authentic Mexican Food.

Karen's has expanded its operation and now includes seating, which it never used to have, but it still offers a fine bean and brisket burrito for around $3. You can have red sauce or green sauce on your bean and brisket, that's up to you. 

I opted for red and drove to Blanton, where I pulled up under a tree, put down the tailgate and ate that burrito. Up until a year or so ago there was an outdoor wooden chapel, open at the sides but tin roofed, to give cover to worshipers and mourners at the nearby cemetery. It had three flagpoles, too, and these would fly the Texan, Confederate and POW MIA flags.

The chapel has gone, sadly, though the flagpoles are still there, and it was tranquil sitting on the back of the truck, with $3 worth of tasty-as-you-like bean and brisket in a delicious tortilla. There was even a cool breeze. I thought back on the times I'd spent there over the last 8 years, mostly on horseback. 

It was a good moment in the Texan countryside and I thank God for that.

Some people scorn Texas. Those people are fools.



Adrienne said...

I loved my years in Texas, and still consider myself "half Texan." I used to think I was half Texan and half Minnesotan - but not anymore. Now, I'm half Texan and half Idahoan. Minnesota does not exist for me anymore. Period. Full stop!

LL said...

Karen's brisket burritos are legendary. I usually like the green sauce most places, but at Karen's red sauce is the way to go. And while I like Itasca, I wouldn't want to raise a family there. Bad karma. All the kids that go to war come back being planted in gardens of stone. Which is why the war memorial complex is so profoundly sad.

jenny said...

The weather has been beautiful lately-- that was undoubtedly a nice picnic. Sorry about the wooden chapel!

LSP said...

It's weird, Adrienne, but I've never been to Minnesota.

LSP said...

I'm always moved by that memorial, LL. A you say, profoundly sad.

LSP said...

I do like the bean and brisket, Jenny!