Sunday, July 11, 2021

Thank You


I'd like to thank the Commentariat for all the good wishes. I was especially struck by this, from Anon:

A Soldier's life is a hard life. But there is instruction in this, for the Soldier.

This is exactly why Soldiers are necessary for freedom to survive. The minions of Myrmidon will not be driven from the land by angry girls waving posters, nor will they suddenly see the light, unless and until, the Soldier forces them to give up.

Forces them to give up. As it always was, so it is yet.

A true Soldier serves his people, an automaton serves the Power, oppressing his own people. It is ultimately the Soldier who frees his people. All the rhetoric in the world is for nought. It wasn't talk that drove the Persians from Greece, stopped the Ottomans at Lepanto, or took back Europe from the Nazis.

We are truly sorry Troop didn't get to see his kin, but, a Soldier's life is a hard life.

Well said, Anon, yes, and whoever said it'd be easy? That said, the Compound's about to enjoy the pleasure of pounding the mahogany (table), a good day had by all, not least at the sacred mysteries of the Mass. 

But that's today, tomorrow we advance to contact with the Canadian consulate in Dallas. Let's see how that goes.

God bless,



Wild, wild west said...

Hard indeed. It's harder when the government is stupid; and when was it not?

Good luck at the consulate.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sad state of affairs. Hopefully the Western Provinces can muster enough votes to run the "elites" out of office.

LSP said...

No that, WWW, is a very good point.

LSP said...

Please, WSF. I'll say a prayer, we clearly need divine intervention at this point