Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vladimir Putin, The New Constantine?

Vladimir Putin, former officer in the dreaded KGB and ruler of Russia, has pronounced strongly in favor of the Orthodox Church and faith itself, stating that the Church should have greater involvement in family life, education and the armed forces.

"The Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religions should get every opportunity to fully serve in such important fields as the support of family and motherhood, the upbringing and education of children, youth, social development, and to strengthen the patriotic spirit of the armed forces," said Putin during celebrations marking the fourth anniversary of Patriarch Kirill’s accession. Putin went on to denounce “primitive secularism”, which he compared unfavorably to “patriotism, faith and strength of spirit.”

Encouraged by state support of the Church, Patriarch Kirill has described Putin’s governance as a “miracle of God.”

In America, by contrast, Christian prayer is outlawed in state run schools.

Milvian Bridge

Would that make Obama Maxentius to Putin's Constantine?

Just asking.



James said...

Putin was not head of the KGB. His highest rank was Lieutenant Colonel.

LSP said...

Thanks James. Have crossed out the error.