Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And They're Back!!

mindless freaks

There I was, all innocent, standing on the runway of YYC waiting for take-off, then it was touchdown at DFW and... I lost all inclination to post. Perhaps it was because of the endless stream of Piers "Oh What A Total Loser" Morgan PR on the TV. Maybe it was because of the depressing effect of NO AMMO to be had, but whatever the reason, the mood has passed and Team LSP is back online. And back with a vengeance.

the Boss

Expect God.

just an old Lee

Expect Guns.

getting it right

Expect Church.

ride more, all of you

Expect Country Life.

Bear Cav

And maybe some Bear Cav shots, perhaps the odd food review, and who knows, even the odd side-swipe against the New World Order and their elitist dupe sycophants. All that to say nothing of our ongoing struggle to expose the space creature alien takeover of tiny little ACoC (Anglican Church of Canada) and their wealthy patron, TEC (The Episcopal Church).

demented space creature

So stay tuned and keep squeezing the trigger if you're fortunate enough to have any bullets.




Adrienne said...

Why just earlier today I was thinking, "Where's LSP been hiding."

See how my thoughts conjured you up?

I love your horse. Looking at that picture makes me want to deliver unfettered kisses all up and down the front of his face. He'd probably freak since I don't think you kiss him much. Just sayin'...

LSP said...

Conjured? Most definitely.

Such a beautiful horse! A "she" you'll be glad to know...

Give her the odd hug.

God bless.

David Corey said...

Welcome back! Now things can feel normal again. Love the list of abiding themes.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Welcome back to the internet, Al Gore's greatest invention. Ever. EVAH!

Since you weren't online for awhile I thought for a moment maybe Piers Morgan had tracked you down and started a petition to deport you.

LSP said...

Glad you approve of the "themes" -- trying to keep it simple...

LSP said...

Ah, Infidel. Where'd we be without Al Gore???

As for the "most hated man in journalism" -- well, he's still at large... must crank up the campaign...


Unknown said...

Personally Padre I vote for more gunsmithing on the other Enfields...and even those cheese eating surrender monkeys amongst us welcome you back!!

LSP said...

Alright there, Unknown.

I'll be sure to get to work on the Lees -- the first one turned out pretty well, not perfect, but not bad for all that. Needs iron sights and some more 'scoping in"... must order some .303 Brit...