Thursday, May 13, 2021

Look How Great Everything Is!


Some Fool

What's your favorite thing about the way we live now, apart from adorable Shibas? Maybe you love waiting in line for gas and paying moar for food. Then again, perhaps you're excited about Wooden Top, John Kerry, being back on the national stage. 

Others love our open southern border, war in the Middle East, mandatory mask wearing and DC being turned into an armed camp to protect our beloved leaders. Who, you know, are so popular they need razor wire protection. That's why they got so many votes.

Our Beloved Leader

The list goes on, but seriously, are we in the grip of some kind of collective psychosis? A weird insanity where having a border makes you Fascist, believing in biological gender makes you a bigot, where wearing a mask, from a box which specifically tells you that the products therein don't protect you from viruses, protects you from viruses.

Apparently we are, to say nothing of our churches shutting down unlike, say, Costco, because worshiping God isn't "essential." And that's just it. The Church, writ large, should have acted as a beacon of light and truth over the last year, guiding and facilitating the most essential thing there is, the worship of God. But no. 

A Fierce Shiba

With notable exceptions, such as the Polish pastor in Calgary who was arrested the other day for holding services, the Church has been silent or complicit in what amounts to a corporate sponsored Cultural Marxist putsch. Go figure, it's been evident for decades that our heirarchs either support this or are too scared to speak out clearly against the current ideological and emotional ascendancy. 

Let's see what comes out of the other end of the meat grinder. My prediction, for what it's worth. A lot less lib churches, they shut themselves down and they'll stay shut, and those who actually believe, across the denoms, will stay standing and grow.


Church aside, who knows. But at least we can all agree that it's a beautiful thing to see our beloved rulers protected by razor wire in CAMP WASHINGTON DC.

Kyrie Eleison,



RHT447 said...

"What's your favorite thing about the way we live now,...?".

Oh my, so many to choose from. How about this--

"Maj. Gen. McGee announced that soldiers choosing to remain unvaccinated...".

Interesting word choice, "choosing". In my experience, it means they haven't issued a direct order because 1) it's not legal, and/or 2) it would cause a mutiny.

Glad to hear in your last that the Sp/4 is on the mend. Sad to say that he and his comrades may face some tough choices. At least he has you and LL for counsel.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I blame the Chinese for making sure we live in interesting times.

LL said...

When the nation is wicked at its core, it's tough to be a "good country". We're ruled by a swamp and everyone who reads this church-centric blog understands that. A kleptocracy can only end badly with the place devolving into kleptocratic zones/tribes or outright revolution that would hopefully restore what was lost.

One would expect churches to be beacons of light nationally (and internationally) during the fake plague, but that has not been the case. Sure, a rogue leader speaks out (and is crushed), like St. Paul, or is metaphorically crucified upside down like St. Peter, but they are pitifully rare.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The barbed wire around the Capitol reminds me of the movie Zardoz where the "Brutals" live outside and the "immortals" live inside. We are the Brutals. Our masters in the government are the immortals.

Caution: You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four. Caution: You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four!

Kid said...

Spot on, on all counts of course and as usual. (as are all the comments above)

Personally I can't wait for president Harris to take over the frontman position. Got to be some laughs there. Maybe some porn videos will be leaked out of the White House.

Paul M said...

Will there be an uprising, and will the Christian church lead the way? Sadly I do not believe so as this past year has proven their weakness, and certainly there are not enough brave spuls to make the difference. Our leaders are on their own destructive path that does not include the peasants (those defined as such by the “self-appointed betters” that is).

LSP said...

RHT, I was really worried, I have to say. These people are psycho/sociopaths. It's mind bending.

LSP said...

Mr. WSF, I second your motion.

LSP said...

LL, I 100% agree.

And what a thieving, turgid, corrupt, pugnacious, malfeasant, bold, in your face kleptocracy it is. Adjectives fail.

LSP said...

Whoa, Infidel! Zardoz!


LSP said...

Kid, that'd be a whole different level of special. But maybe they'll use the leaked videos to nix the laughing whore? Maybe replace it with Rice.

LSP said...

I'm with you, Paul. The churches, collectively, won't do a thing. Long picture? Different story, but short's bad, imo.

LindaG said...

All good read here.

Sorry I've been absent. Trying not to get depressed and go crazy on this end.
Be safe and God bless.

Paul M said...

Btw, nice hat and a good Texan look that says “I’m a nice guy working to be good and faithful, but seriously do not mess with me.”

LSP said...

We sure live in weird times, Linda, and I know you've been through it. Prayers.

LSP said...

Paul, I was on my to the range. Of course that was back when we had ammo to blast away for the fun of it.