Monday, May 10, 2021

Grand Hotel


Tonight we dine at Hotel Ritz. Quite. 

Shiba, this Lambo's not about to buy itself. In the meanwhile, don't be scared, just hold and think of the power of mimetic value.

Your Old Fiduciary Friend,



Joy DB said...

I stopped listening to R&R in the mid- or late-60s and went all in for opera, so I missed Procul Harem - and I just LOVED the selection you chose to play!! Thank you, LSP!!

Old NFO said...

Oldie but a goody!!! Thanks!

LSP said...

Joy, glad you liked it! I've got a soft spot for Grand Hotel, good work, guys.

LSP said...

What an album, NFO, "continental slip and slide"... fade up to wild guitar riff. Heh.