Monday, May 10, 2021

Happy Late Mothers Day


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Texas, the sun shone, the morning Masses had gone well and there I was on the back deck enjoying a glass of the right stuff when the phone rang. I picked up, "Ah, Colonel Wolf!" Yes, it was LL calling from his mountain fastness in the Arizona Highlands.

We talked about the present insanity and moved on to religion by way of politics. It went something like this:

"Look, RHSM, you move in these circles, but it strikes me that we're living in the kind  of corrupt chicanery that'd make the seventeenth century French blush with shame. Come back Mazarin, all's forgiven."

"Right, you can't even fathom the depth of it, the fish rots from the head down. And we're at this point where the higher law, the law of the New Testament, of the Savior, is too much for them. Just the basic law'd be a start, right?"

"You mean, don't rip your buddy off and steal his wife?"



Good point. Then it was time to ride the highway to Dallas and Mothers Day. We grilled burgers, delicious, and talked into the earlies on the candlelit porch. What a beautiful night, and I know, a buck short and a day late, but...

Happy late Mothers Day!



drjim said...

I heard a comedian, George Carlin, perhaps, boil all of the Ten Commandments down to just those two principles.

Works for me.....

Paul M said...

Starts with us...10 Basic Rules for living from on High, and even with that level of simplicity man works hard to fudge the result. (add the Constitution to that same sentiment) Oh, and can some of us conference in on one of yuzeguyz calls...we might learn a few things from pure experienced wisdom while grabbing a laugh or two?

LSP said...

drjim, what's wrong with a return to basics?

LSP said...

Ha! Paul, I'll suggest we set that up. Hmmmm. Maybe an AMA podcast :)