Saturday, May 18, 2024

Warsaw Bans Crucifixes


Warsaw's radical leftist globohomo mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has banned crucifixes and religious symbols from public buildings and instructed government workers to use gender neutral language and preferred pronouns. This will, apparently, make Warsaw's civic governance less discrimnatory. Unless, of course, you're Christian.

In related news, NATO supremo Jens Rainbow Stoltenberg has told the world that our mighty military alliance exists to defend gayness.

Imagine all those new soldiers, sailors and air persyns flocking to fight for the Rainbow Alliance of Gayness. Thanks, Stoltenberg, for solving our recruitment crisis. And in response to the former skulduggery, the Green Pontif's predictably said nothing other than bad mouth traditional Catholics. Go figure.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

** “I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.” — Bob Hope

Copied off Virtual Mirage blog.

Non negotiable? What insufferable arrogance.

Warsaw mayor. Somehow I don't think the Poles will suffer that slight.

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. Poland? In POLAND??? Man, when Ireland started going south, it was a sad event. Ireland was the cradle of Christianity for Europe in the Middle Ages. But Poland? Poland has been another faithful Catholic people, spreading the true faith in Eastern Europe. Poland going down the commie globalist road, this time without the USSR at their throats, is truly ominous.

LSP said...

I'd be surprised if they do, WSF, and what an excellent Bob Hope quote.

LSP said...

I 100% agree, Tech. Like, wow, globohomo really set its sights on that one, and Ireland too.

Beans said...

Anony - Yes, Poland. Where the right-wing conservative government was forced out by the European Union and a left-wing gaydom government took over.

And now Poland which for the longest time wouldn't accept 'refugees' (read towelhead terrorists) is now going to start accepting the aforementioned young muslim men of military age.

Sigh. The Winged Hussars have been plucked. Bastards.

Mike_C said...

It’s a very funny Bob Hope quote, but today if some regular guy said that at the office he’d be forced into a struggle session. Er, I meant to say undergo sensitivity training.

I’m watching something like this happening in real time (and no, I’m not personally involved and in fact have nothing to do with it). Ironically, the malfeasant is from the most protected class, very openly and vocally considers 90% of other people to be idiots, and loathes Trump. These attributes and attitudes should make him part of the inner circle, one would think, but somehow for the purpose of this exercise he’s been reclassified as a mere “middle-aged white man” and thus bereft of protections. This is absolutely fascinating.