Monday, May 13, 2024

Buffoonery Incompetence And Lies


Buffoonery, incompetence and lies. Welcome, dear readers, all three of you, to the State of the Union. Where will we go from here?

Perhaps we can vote our way out of it.

And maybe you'll buy a bridge to Alaska.

Or anywhere else on CONUS.

In the meanwhile, you may have noticed the West isn't reproducing, demographics are drastically down. Solution? Import millions of third worlders who'll vote, as if by LGBTQ+2 magicke for you. Or will they? Good question.

Last I heard, Moslems weren't too keen on gayistry, and South Americans? What can we say, Pinochet was notoriously left tolerant.

Your Old Pal,



Wild, wild west said...

What a heart-warming photo, or maybe just heart-burn inducing, of Dear Leader garroting Uncle Joe with the Medal of Freedom whilst intoning his congratulations. "Here's your participation medal, Joe, now go have a celebratory ice cream cone on the American Pee-Puls." Too bad Joe wasn't sufficiently self-aware to enjoy the ceremony.

Sorry, pissy mood this morning. Happens every time I forget to take my dose of Soma the night before and my meds get out of whack.

LindaG said...

If I were younger, I would definitely go to Alaska.
The way I heard it a few years back, the Moslems are happy to vote demon if it helps them destroy America and put them in control.
Revival can't come too soon.
You all be safe and God bless.

LSP said...

Oh man, Wild, that photo's enough to give anyone a mood.

LSP said...

I know what you mean about Alaska, Linda. There's an appeal.