Monday, May 6, 2024

What Have We Done


A Typical Baltimore Street Scene

Nothing good, American cities didn't used to be the urban hellhole wastelands they've become. But maybe you doubt me and think "it's always been this way." No, it hasn't, here's a few before and afters:

Good work, Kansas City!

And well done, Council Bluffs. Now everything's better.

Yet more awesomeness from Kansas City.

And McKeesport's made some startling improvements! NICE.

But why, Milwaukee, live in a city when you can live on a road?

But I won't go on. Look up pretty much any US city, do a before and after search and you'll find they've been gutted and wrecked. And the point is this, we don't have to live this way and we shouldn't. Our cities and towns should be beautiful and they're not. Problem. Solution?

Kick out the degenerate nihilists who've captured our schools and teach that some excrescence by Damien Hirst's just as good as a Rembrandt. In other words, reclaim objective aesthetic value, and we don't have to reinvent the wheel. Form, proportion and all of that have been worked out long ago, return to this.

Just Look How This City Was Improved

Likewise, remembering the simple maxim that roads are for travel, cities are for living, plan accordingly. For example, Waxahachie has a pleasant, enjoyable center, such as it is for a small town. Why? Because the City Fathers in their wisdom rerouted industrial traffic out of down town and, lo and behold, this now flourishes.

Again, back in the '70s, the urban planning genius patrol in charge of Calgary, Alberta, were fixing to drive a highway along the Bow river through Inglewood. They were stopped, and Inglewood's now a congenial place to stroll around, albeit hideously overpriced thanks to Justine Trudeau.

Random Educational Meme

So, let's take our towns and cities back and make them beautiful again. We should not have to live surrounded by the brutal ugliness of Hell, and you'll note: The Left, in its rage against bourgeois oppression tore down its architecture, and the result? Now only the rich can live where everyone else once dwelt. There's a moral and an axiom there, if you care to draw it.

Architecturally Yours,



Old NFO said...

When the 'flight' starts, it's hard to stop it, and get that tax base back!

Wild, wild west said...

Get with the NWO/DEI/WTF agenda, LSP! These improvements were deemed necessary by Big Brother so you could love Him more and make it easier for you to demonstrate your love for Him at the Two Minutes of Hate event to be held at the anti-Zionist protest encampment or whatever the outrage du jour is today, tomorrow and yesterday. A license plate reader for recording your attendance has been installed curbside for your convenience.

RHT447 said...

@ WWW--

Ah yes, there's that word--convenience. I've been saying for some time that convenience is going to kill us all.

Adrienne said...

Wallace, Idaho, a place I love to visit and go to often, stopped I90 from destroying their "downtown." They declared every single building in the town a historic site (National Register of Historic Places) and sunk a medallion in the road declaring it the "center of the universe" (official!) Until 1991 the only stop sign on the 3,021 miles of I90 was in Wallace. In 1991 a viaduct was built so people didn't have to drive through Wallace and stop at a stop sign. But, guess what, poodles? I90 still doesn't go through Wallace. Way to go!! If Wallace wasn't so squished in by mountains, I could easily live there, but I need "big skies" to feel comfortable.

Check out Google "images" to see Wallace and tell me you don't like it.

Wild, wild west said...

Amen, RHT, and thank you for the timely reminder. The road to Hell is paved not only with good intentions, but convenience as well.

King Baldwin in The Kingdom of Heaven, a film I have mixed emotions about due to its wide-ranging plethora of historical inaccuracies, gives us this nugget of truth: "Remember that howsoever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not CONVENIENT at the time. This will not suffice."

Emphasis on convenient added, of course.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

I find it odd that you left out Detroit.

Paul M said...

@ WWW...Spot On...and one of my favorite quotes from KoH...poignant and worthy of a pulpit challenge for all hearers. Unfortunately we have a plethora of weak men who won't embrace the admonition.

Cities and towns have gone by the wayside because all the genius college Urban Planners and City Managers forgot the term "charm" when studying good design and function, often selling their town soul to the highest bidder (good on Wallace, ID). Today LL has a great picture of a wayside spot, can't hardly build those today unless you have a K-Street Grifter presence, yet they are iconic...anyone laying eyes on one instantly understands the point. Genius planners today prefer "open space" and parks and bike paths at the demise of historic buildings and the right "feel" of a proper downtown. Money talks...BS walks.

LSP said...

Exactly, NFO, just look at Detroit.

LSP said...

Dammit, Wild, you've caught me out again!

We love our RULERS.

LSP said...

RHT, you have a point.

LSP said...

I must have a look, Adrienne, it sounds idyllic.

My place ain't bad, apart from the geniuses responsible for cutting down trees and turning the town square into a truck route...

LSP said...

Nice Baldwin quote, Wild.

LSP said...

Herr Doktor, I'm saving that one up for a special edition.

LSP said...

Well said, Paul, and I especially like the phrase "K Street Grifters" (KSG).