Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Clubland & Whatever


Some of you may scorn clubland and that's fine, but perhaps you'll enjoy the above photo of LL and myself in the Smoking Room. Nice topper, what?

Eton forever. Well at least on my uncle's part.

Defeat Bolshevism,



Anonymous said...

Nice topper indeed. But the inference doesn’t follow that cows necessarily kill any sharks. Let us stipulate, arguendo, that “Cows kill more people than sharks” is true. Suppose cows kill one person during time period T. And cows kill zero sharks during T. It is true that cows killed more people than they killed sharks. It is however not true that cows killed any sharks because the number of sharks killed is zero.

Pedantically Yours,
I remain Yr Obt Svt,

LSP said...

My dear MC, now I'm dizzy with your mathematics.

You see see, what happens is this. Several cows fall upon a shark, kill it, and then fall back singing Don't Fear The Reaper.

Or something like that.