Sunday, May 5, 2024

Stand Up Tall And Salute


Staaaand.. UP!

Your Buddy,



Seamus1962 said...

At USMC OCS we had - as one of our "instructors" (read DI) a Royal British Marine Colours Sergeant (E8 or E9 equivalent) on an exchange program. He had fun teaching us - his favorite expression was "so you want to be a Marine officer and you cannot follow simple instructions?" (loudly). He liked to show us the "Brit" salute and had us all do it once. When I see and hear the pipes I stand up and give a "Brit" salute for Colours SGT Kirk and for you LSP! (It isn't as stylish now on a 62 year old priest) LOL

LSP said...

Hah! Seamus!

If you look through ancient YouTube vids you can see me practicing drill on Beak/Carnaby Street, London in the early hours.

Kyrie Eleison... who the hell filmed that?!?

But hey it stays with us, eh?