Thursday, May 30, 2024



You know what it's like. Sometimes invoices get lost and, dammit, your fair share of the Carbon Tax doesn't get paid. Totally understandable, but look what happens, a ferocious storm rolls in from the North as our Old Enemy, the Weather, changes. That's your cue to get on the front porch and dare the Weather to do its worst as lightning cracks and rain sheets down. Not unlike Ahab or King Lear, when you think about it. 

So there you are, wondering if this small slice of rural heaven, much less the Compound itself, will withstand and live through the deluge, arklike, when news comes in that a sham stasi show trial in New York has delivered a guilty verdict against President Trump. Huh, let's see how that brazen skulduggery plays out in the polls.

Note Upper Lip Stud

In related news, yesterday marked the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople in 1453, when Moslem Janissaries poured over the Theodosian walls. What a hideous moment for Christendom, what a triumph for the moon worshiping death cult. Emperor Constantine XI addressed the soldiery before he died in the fighting:

Most noble leaders, illustrious tribunes, generals, most courageous fellow soldiers and all loyal honest citizens! You know well that the hour has come: the enemy of our faith wishes to oppress us even more closely by sea and land with all his engines and skill to attack us with the entire strength of this siege force, as a snake about to spew its venom; he is in a hurry to devour us, like a savage lion. For this reason I am imploring you to fight like men with brave souls, as you have done from the beginning up to this day, against the enemy of our faith. I hand over to you my glorious, famous, respected, noble city, the shining Queen of Cities, our homeland. You know well, my brothers, that we have four obligations in common, which force us to prefer death over survival: first our faith and piety; second our homeland; third, the emperor anointed by the Lord, and fourth; our relatives and friends.


You can read the whole speech here as you work towards retaking the second Rome. After all, we need the Bosphorus.




RHT447 said...

Stormy indeed. Am seeing reports that the volume of contributions crashed the server for Trump's campaign website.

LSP said...

Well yes, RHT. Demoncrat lawfare's done wonder for 45's polling.

Dad of Six said...

Some are calling for reciprocation to the D's. I am all for it, but unfortunately there are too many squishy RINO's who won't go for it. I see Mike Pence was decrying the Manhattan verdict. Where do you stand on the J6'ers, Mike. I think you were all in favor of locking them up.

Beans said...

Yeah, fallen country, we are definitely a national socialist country heading towards international socialism. Only difference is that in NS the people dress pretty well from bottom to top and in IS everyone dresses like a peasant.

As to Constantinople, sad, very sad. If only, you know, the Orthodox Church and the Byzantines have aided the Crusaders 300 some odd years before and kept supporting with food, men, armor, then Constantinople most likely would not have fallen.

And, of course, if only the Emperor and his military leaders had allowed those Germanic cannon smiths to build and sell the Byzantines what guns they needed, and said Emp and mil-leaders had reinforced the towers the guns were to shoot off of, rather than having a demonstration and freaking out when the recoil of a siege cannon caused one of the badly-in-need-of-repairs towers to get big mucking cracks in it and not buying the cannons and reinforcing the walls and towers, thus allowing the Kraut armament sellers to then sell the same guns to the Ottoman Empire that were used to breach the in-need-of-repair walls and towers, well, the Byzantines might still be holding the Haga Sophia even now.

But, no, feckless Byzantines being Byzantine screwed over everyone who tried to help them, and often the Byzantines sided with the muslims and Ottomans (like in Italy when the muslims and orthodoxes formed an alliance to try to beat the Siculo-Normans and Italo-Normans in the mid 1000's and then lost bigly...)

In the words of Walter (one of Jeff Dunham's puppets,) "Dumbass"

Beans said...

As to the Kangaroo Court and such, I pray we make it to January 2025 as a country. We've lost the rule of law in most places, even in 'good states' like Texas and Florida (ask any man in either state who's gotten a divorce about how equitable the rule of law is in said divorce proceedings.)

LSP said...

Good Constantinople call, Beans.

What a hideous confluence of wicked aspects.

LSP said...

And Beans, we're clearly devolving before our very eyes.