Friday, November 14, 2014

Dog & Gun

Have you noticed that lib logic always produces the exact opposite of its intended result? Global Warming's a good case in point: It's hotter now, we're told by our billionaire green overlords, which is why it's colder, and in order to make everyone richer we have to be taxed more. With that in mind, I braved the freezing wind chill and took Blue Mephistopheles to the range. I wanted to achieve two things. To see how Blue Zeke would cope with gunfire and to improve my shooting with the Ruger American .17HMR.

It took a couple of shots to warm up and Blue Rustler found these exciting and fascinating. "I want to chase after the bullets," he thought, cleverly.

Blue Heraclitus was mistaken in thinking this and had to be tied to a steel target frame. This helped the shoot and I was pleased to see the tiny .17 HMR zingers moving at 2550 fps onto the bull. With a steady hand and a slightly higher power scope than I have (perhaps), there's no reason why you can't get groups in pretty much the same hole.

As it is, I was pleased with the shooting and untied Blue BarkaLot for a quick scamper up to the butts. He calmed down after that and enjoyed sniffing about the range when he wasn't watching me shoot swinging steel plates and various bits of debris.

A good morning for dog & gun. And remember, when they tell you things like "a video made them do it," or "it's colder because it's hotter," or "Islam is a religion of peace," or "we have to take your money so you'll be richer," and "we're going to disarm you so you'll be safer," don't believe them.They're lying.

Shoot straight,



jenny said...

Erm... you tied Blue Apfelschuss to the target frame?
I mean, according to the above photo you're an excellent marksman, but still...

LSP said...

Different target!

Fortunate for little Blue Edelweiss

LL said...

I'm looking forward to seeing him go on point and then flush a pheasant

LSP said...

Or maybe a Demoncrat. He loathes them with a passion!

Brig said...

Looks like he doesn't mind being shot over, Yea!