Saturday, November 8, 2014

Canon Rosie Harper Caught on Camera?

Eerie footage of what appears to be a female Babylonian demon may in fact be a senior clergyperson in the Church of England, Canon Rosie Harper.


Photos reveal a malignant creature terrorizing a female patient in hospital, leading some experts to speculate that the Babylonian woman demon, Lamashtu, had finally been caught on film. According to one commentator, “This picture was taken of a nurse’s viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient who was lying in the bed. The patient died within a few hours of this figure appearing.”


Others were less sensational. "It looks a lot like the Babylonian demon Lamashtu," stated a paranormal expert, "but it's just Canon Rosie Harper, messing about with a sick patient, the Church of England."


Does this startling photograph of a female demon reveal the evil Lamashtu? Or is it just a senior woman priest in the Church of England, Canon Rosie Harper?

You, the reader, be the judge.



LL said...

Canon Rosie the first name a title or is it the size of her mouth? Or both?

LSP said...

Lamashtu was known for her large mouth and high rank in the Babylonian demonic hierarchy.

So perhaps both.

LL said...

Isn't it fun when a high priest of Baal is reincarnated? Or perhaps the demon of Lamashtu simply occupies Rosie's clay as a form of spiritual parasite that made common cause with one welcomed demonic possession?

Adrienne said...

After seeing that jacket yesterday, I had to Google images of her. Do you know she has another jacket that looks like a Dalmatian? Really!

I know this seems trite and girly, but..............who in their right mind would wear that horrible jacket? It speaks to her spirituality - or something.

LSP said...

As I understand it, LL, the High Priestesses of Baal were always considered as possessed agents of Lamashtu. But perhaps I'm wrong?

LSP said...

It's a very disturbing coat...

LL said...

The coat looks like somebody's aunt's living room drapes (from the 1950's). Maybe that's precisely where they came from?

Demons always have odd tastes. Look at Barack's choice of women as a case in point --- and Michelle's taste in men.

LSP said...

Very good demonic taste point. But where do B & M stand in the satanic hierarchy?

I think Michelle may be a dog or a pig demon, maybe both, a dogpig demon. But what about Barack?