Monday, November 17, 2014

It Snowed. Hotwire.

I woke up as usual to the sound of howling dogs and a crazed peacock; there was snow on the ground. "It's colder now," I thought bitterly, over the din of roosters, "because it's warmer." The animals didn't seem to mind, they obviously don't get "science." So I took Blue Frostbite for a walk in the Climate Disruption.

Then we headed off to Slap Out to see some church people. They were fixing up a hotwire and weren't sure if it was working. In the absence of a voltmeter I gave it the human test. It worked just fine.

Blue Tundra & Friends

Blue Windchill got on well with the other dogs, which was good to see. A little nervous of the horses at first, but he soon calmed down when he understood they weren't about to eat him.


There was a new Arabian mare in the pasture, called Knuance, interestingly. Hopefully she's broke to ride but there wasn't time to find out today. Maybe next visit.

Simon & Pistol

You'll notice that Global Warming has been knuanced into Climate Disruption. This is a New World Order scientific theory which says that the hotter it gets the colder it'll be, which is why the Government and its billionaire friends have to take more of your money. The Episcopal Church endorses this commonsensical theory, obviously.

Don't believe them. They're lying.



LL said...

New name for your hound = Blue Balls.

LSP said...

I'm afraid his previous owners had a go at those and I hesitate to call him "Blue Useless" but it's probably best for all the girl dogs.

Poor old Blue Iceberg.

LL said...

Elwood Blues

Brighid said...

It has been said that crazed peacock marinated in Guinness and hung on a hot wire fence makes a tasty meal... so shoot that sucker!

LL said...

You need to take Blue Lightning down to Austin so that he can get a few bites.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The science is settled. Global warming leads to colder temperatures. Only nonbelievers doubt this. For your penance please contribute to the climate change carbon credit organization of your choice.

LL said...

BBQ your quail, pheasant or bass. That will increase your carbon footprint and you'll end up with global warming and temps in Texas will get back up into the 70's.

That's what we do in SoCal and it seems to work.

LSP said...

Very sound advice, Brighid!

LSP said...

I know, Infidel.Only an idiot redneck would be so stupid as to think that a warmer climate would lead to warmer weather.

Carbon credits all 'round and make mine a wind farm contract!

LSP said...

More BBQs, please.

jenny said...

Very cute to see Blue Responsible playing with the other dogs!

LSP said...

He did well with the other dogs. I was happily surprised. Good Blue Responsible.