Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nicki Minaj, New World Order Nazi Witch?

Pop diva superstar, Nicki Minaj, claims she isn't a New World Order Nazi witch, but evidence points in another direction.


Minaj's recent controversial video, Only, is clearly inspired by National Socialism and Adolf Hitler's Nuremburg rallies. But instead of the German dictator, viewers are presented with what appears to be a cartoon version of the famous singer, indicating that she sees herself as a natural replacement for the Fuhrer.


Like Hitler, who was a Thule Society occultist, pop icon Minaj also claims to be influenced by paranormal forces, such as her alter-ego, Roman Zolanski. "Roman" and other "alter-egos," appear to act as spirit guides for the chart-topping singer. This has lead some paranormal experts to question the source of Minaj's stellar rise to fame.

Roman & Barbie

"She was just this run-of-the-mill, no-talent ghetto rap act from Queens," stated one supernaturalist, "then she became an NWO, Illuminati witch and made a deal with a couple of demons, like Roman Zolanski. The rest is history."


Is Minaj a New World Order Nazi witch? Or is she the sad victim of demonic possession?

You, the reader, be the judge.



LL said...

I went another route and sold my soul to Santa. Now all I want to do is laugh deeply, drink hot chocolate and eat cookies while doling out gifts.

Witchcraft has saved Niki from a life of super sizing orders at the drive through, but all of her friends are hood rats and demons. So how far did she get from the ghetto?

LSP said...

Not very far, I fear. "Poor" old Nicki!

But how's life as possessed by Santa?

LL said...

It's expensive. The reindeer food alone, the elves and their labor disputes, and the endless children barfing in your beard and lap... I think that Niki may have had a better plan. You'd clearly get laid more often as a hood rat demon.

LL said...

If you're a witch/warlock, are you required to cover yourself with chicken blood before intercourse? I realize that is a question that might best be left for a confessional, but if you don't know the answer, you might be able to get adjudication from Justin as he is a man with some experience (back when he was an oil tycoon, before he took up the cross, of course). Let me know what he says.

LSP said...

Sorry to hear about the Santa experience. Trying.

As I understand it, and I'm no expert, I think bull's blood also works. But I'll fire off a text to Justin and see if gets back with the info. He'd know.

LL said...

Is there some advantage to being a "New Age Nazi Witch" over your common, neighborhood crone/witch? I'm sure that there are different rankings of witches and I've never read anything definitive on that. Clearly a pact with Satan (not Santa) is a precursor for entry into the ranks.

The Harry Potter series might be instructive here, and having started life as a house elf, I'm back to Justin for clarification since he'd know. Sorry to overwhelm with requests for clarification from the top. If he's busy, perhaps you can obtain the information from one in the stable of catamites?

LSP said...

I'm just guessing, but I think Justin will prevaricate and "fudge" the issue in an attempt to "negotiate."

Oh! He's got back to me:

"In a very real sense we must work openly and honestly to celebrate our diversity, all the while remaining true to our calling as a broader communion in fellowship. For some, this means answering what appears to be the overriding cultural imperative of compassion. For others, a more historically oriented hermeneutic is in play. Surely it is the holding in place, and creatively working with such dissonance that we begin to discern the grace of reconciliation."

I take this to mean that Justin says it's OK to be an NWO Nazi witch OR the trad crone sort.

Predictably useless.

LL said...

Predictably inspiring.

LSP said...

That's our Dobby for you!

LL said...

Give him a sock, a queer lover, an expansive wine cellar, a mansion, a Rolls Royce and driver/body guards, an executive jet and he's happy.

A simple man who, like Christ, contents himself with the bare essentials.

Brig said...

A elk hunting retreat in Ideeho might be helpful. Replenish your spirit and provide for the winter...

LSP said...

I sure would like an Elk hunting retreat. With a large wine cellar.

That just sounds like good common sense.

The Egyptian said...

large wine cellar.

good idea but I'd prefer a good stock of stout German beers, meal in a stein if you will, some good bread, cheese (for my French side) and the latest kill roasting on the fire, oh and a comfy leather recliner, heaven