Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama v. Putin at G20

As ZeroHedge notes, it looks like the cute Koala is trying to get away. And who can blame it?

Animals love Putin.



jenny said...

they have the same ears, Obama and the koala. kind of cutesy!

Koala for president!

LL said...

I think that Obama and the koala also share an IQ score.

jenny said...

Koala for president!!

I'm wondering if we could arrange a covert switcharoo? People might not notice! except for those out on the golf course. I hear koalas are notoriously under-practiced at golf.

LSP said...

I, for one, look forward to the Koala becoming our Commander in Chief. Couldn't be any worse than the current incumbent and probably much better.

LL said...

Having a Koala running the show would mean that we'd have to plant a lot of eucalyptus trees in this country. There would be a lot fewer colds and runny noses. A hallmark of KoalaCare.

LSP said...

That's the thing with KoalaCare, it has some benefits. Maybe it's designed by a smarter architect?

Just a thought.