Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pathetic Millionaire Socialist Losers

A lot of Demoncratz lost in yesterday's historic beating. Like Wendy Davis who was steamrolled in Texas and Hillary Clinton, who was given a pounding by proxy as the libs she campaigned for lost, one after another.

Seems like the mastermind behind Benghazi isn't such a good endorsement at the polls. What difference does it make? Apparently enough to make the poverty-stricken millionaire socialist an electoral liability.

My verdict, for what it's worth, is that this country's sick of being lied to by a gang of fantastically rich, prog-left elite who, at the end of a very long day, have failed to deliver. People are poorer now, unless you're one of the very, very few, than when this current crew of clowns arrived in office. 

Healthcare's a case in point. Thanks to the benign socialism of Obama, poor people now get fined for not buying the healthcare they can't afford anyway. And insurance company CEOs fly private jets, their stock's soaring. People know this and they're beginning to get sick of it. We saw that yesterday.

Let's see if the GOP can do any better and if not, maybe the people have enough courage of their convictions to sort it out.

And let's have prayer back in school, that'd be a beginning.

For the people, by the people.

God bless,



jenny said...

Perhaps this crew of clowns would be better suited for rodeo arenas? I'm all for having them charged by angry, flank-strapped bulls.

If injured, no worries. Obamacare.

LSP said...