Friday, November 7, 2014

I Name This Dog

It's not every day that a Blue Heeler tips up on your porch and makes it his home for a couple of days. What can you do? You can ignore him and/or send him to animal jail or you can reward his loyalty by taking him in. That's what I did, and he's gnawing on a pig's ear this very moment.

Good Dog

But that's all very well. What should I call this beast? I wasn't sure, so I appealed to the readership and got a lot of help and some great names.

Bad Dog

In the end I went for Blue. Thanks LL, but that's just a first name; I have a good mind to cycle through the other names as the mood suits. Blue Banjo one day, Blue Rustler the next and so on. When he's been bad? Blue Welby springs to mind, or simply "Justin."

In other news, a church person just donated some tamales to the cause. I'm all for that.




Anonymous said...

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LSP said...


I've always been rather partial to "American Woman" but good luck with the rest, Anonymous.

jenny said...

would you look at that coat! I think I'll call him Blue Ansel Adams.
but don't mind me.
I'm just an american woman.

LSP said...

I know, he's such a Blue.

Mattexian said...

Apparently someone never heard Hank Jr singinging the praises of Texas women!

Blue as a name works for now, that's what I call my little stuffed Blue Heeler (ok, Bluey, after the Aussie traditon) that rides on the dash for long car trips. One day when I get another, whatever her name will be, I will also nickname her Cowgirl.

LSP said...

Apparently not!

I like "Cowgirl" -- nice.

Adrienne said...

Blue has spectacular ears.

Wow, that didn't take long from, "He will NOT come in the house" to "Meet my new dog." You're just a big softie at heart.

I see the women hater has shown up here. I finally had to delete all his comments and stick him on the black list - one of the benefits of Disqus.

LSP said...

He does have good ears and I guess I've grown softhearted...

I think "woman hater's" been doing the rounds.

Brighid said...

Anyone who would not be softhearted to Blue isn't worth knowing in my book.