Saturday, November 1, 2014

No One Can Catch Ebola

See, the thing about a deadly airborne virus is that it's really hard to catch. Almost impossible to catch; in fact, it's hardly a disease at all.

That's why our soldiers who were sent to Liberia on a stupid Demoncrat PR stunt are being quarantined on their return home, and why the CDC has ordered up how many thousands of "body bags," and FEMA's busy storing coffin liners against a catastrophe that won't ever happen.

I hope I'm wrong. And I hope that not quarantining countries with an infectious, non-curable disease like Ebola, makes sense, and that all those CDC Hazmat suits have been ordered just 'coz, you know, the CDC thinks they won't be needed.

Respirators on, advance to contact,



LL said...

The political dynamics of ebola are more dangerous than the deadly virus itself.

LSP said...

Lord have mercy.