Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Should I Call This Dog?

A couple of days ago a Blue Heeler tipped up on the porch and he stayed. I fed him; maybe that helped. So have various church people, who like him a lot.

And I had this resolve, "He's not coming inside the house," I thought grimly to myself. But he has, as far as the kitchen, until I get a doghouse for him to live in outside. I'm obviously getting softheaded.

But here's the thing, what should I call him? Here's the suggestions so far:

Welby (heh)
Rudel (as in Hans)

I need a name for this dog. Help, please.



LL said...

Austin (powers)

LSP said...

Interesting choice... and a good one.

Anonymous said...

Bubba, he is a Texan.

LSP said...

Bubba's good -- but I don't see him as being too "Bubba" somehow.I think that's for a slightly larger dog. But that's just me.

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

Banjo. As in Banjo Patterson who (IIRC) wrote "Waltzing Matilda" . After all, the dog is a Queensland Blue Heeler and an Aussie related name sorta fits.The dog should have the run of your house-he's part of your security team now.



LL said...


I don't know why, but he looks like a Clarence.

jenny said...

Not Clarence. The dog looks nothing like my grapefruit plant.

Julie Culshaw said...

Glad to see the dog got inside the house. I suggest Bebble for a name (Rebel with a twist).

Brighid said...

"Zeke" Zeke is short for Ezekiel. Ezekiel is a Biblical name borne by one of the Major Prophets from the Old Testament in a Book that bears his name. The name is Hebrew in origin and means “God strengthens”.

jenny said...

Cornelius? Basil? Ignatius? Dominic? Bartholomew? Oh, I know! Erasmus!!

Blue for short.
But he'll know he's in trouble for eating the hippie shoes when he hears, "Blue Erasmus Aloysius Gonzaga! Come here right now!!"

LSP said...

These are all great names and I like them all.

At the moment I'm drawn to Banjo. It seems pretty Heeler, somehow.

Blue Banjo -- has a ring to it.

But still taking advice...

jenny said...

LL should like the name Banjo, as he's fond of Waltzing Matilda. And I'm an enormous fan of the instrument itself. I think it's an excellent folksy name for a Texan dog.

Aloysius for short.

LSP said...

"Banjo! Heel!" Sounds right, doesn't it.

And it shortens well to Aloysius. Of course.

The Egyptian said...

Francis or Frank or Frankie

as in

Francis Thompson, author of

"The Hound of Heaven"

Anonymous said...

The name of thy dog shalt be 'Philistine' (1 Samuel 17:43).