Friday, November 21, 2014

Rural Ministry #1

For some clergypersons, rural ministry is all about Morris dancers, medieval churches and these picture-postcard villages. 

You get cottages.

And big old houses.

But make sure you have a sturdy vehicle, the roads can be a bit primitive.

Also, where I live, you find abandoned hair extensions in the gutter. Well, it beats needles, I guess.

Blue Apocalypse killed a neighbor's chicken yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of that, but the neighbors, Maria and Pedro, don't care. It was one of many and they ate it.

I'm also thinking that open carry might not be a bad idea for when you take the dog for a walk.




LL said...

1. Why wouldn't you carry a handgun?

2. I'd also carry a bat or a golf club when I took Blue Hero for a walk to fend off feral dogs and such. If they're rabid, you have the handgun. Same for skunks, raccoons and other rabid pests.

I ran into a rabid coyote once on a hike. .45 ACP +P+ ended his diseased life. If not for that my life might have been more complicated.

3. Poverty often equals humility. Better that you minister to those who need you than those who feel that they don't.

LSP said...

All good points. (note "open carry" in post...)

jenny said...

So what you're saying is, you want some of those blue and yellow leg jingle bells for Christmas? And some new hair extensions?

Glad that Blue JustcatchingtheBossabitofdinner didn't get into any trouble with the neighbors.

LSP said...

Close! But no.

I want the house BEHIND the M Dancers.

As for Blue Apocalypse... he's all tired out from running around the range. Hmmm.

jenny said...

oh, right... Well, that's the sort of thing that LL arranges -- for a hefty price, be forewarned! ;)

LL said...

If you tire Blue ChickenSlayer, he may spare the neighbor's poultry tonight.