Monday, November 27, 2017

Is Prince Philip A GOD?!?

Is Prince Philip a God? South Sea Islanders certainly seem to think so and here at the Compound we don't disagree.

Decorated Naval officer, anti-fascist war hero and all 'round hero of the Empire. Too bad that dominion's shrunk to the UK, maybe one day it'll get BREXIT sorted and take over Europe as opposed to the other way 'round. 

I'm not a betting man but I'll wager my fighting monkey that the Royal Marines could take out France and the Netherlands, leaving what's left of UKLF to deal with Italy, Spain, Germany and the rest. 

Still, the Europeans and the UK are gambling that they'll never, ever, have to fight another war. While Philip's at large they might want to think twice.

In the meanwhile, what do you think the Prince Consort thinks about "Fuzzy Wuzzies." You can imagine, but I'd suggest you don't bring Harry to the conversation.

Rule Britannia,



LL said...

First off, no, don't bring the Stranglers. Good call there.

Prince Philip is a genuine war hero and an all around good guy. There are so few left in high places in the UK that his eventual demise will be cause for mourning. His son, though...

Jules said...

Hahahahaha! Prince Philip is a genius. They should bring a book of his one-liners out.

LSP said...

Juliette, the man is clearly a God.

LSP said...

That's not one of their best tunes, LL, but it is weirdly prescient.

Philip's one of the last of a breed, Prince Cider (Charles) is obviously different.Then there's Harry; let's see what comes of that.

Anonymous said...

Well the last American divorcee to marry into the house of Windsor/Battenberg caused a few problems. Let us see if Mrs Engelson can do better.

Brig said...

Do you have dual citizenship?