Tuesday, November 21, 2017

El Dorado

Imagine, for a moment, that you were a creature from another planet or even terrestrial continent, like ACoC or Jeremy Corbyn, visiting Dallas for the first time and that you knew nothing about it whatsoever. You arrive as the sun's setting. What do you see?

The Lost City of Z

Buildings made of gold, a veritable El Dorado. Full of thoughts of unimaginable wealth you return to your people and organize raiding parties, colonists to seize the gold. Only to find, when you reach the fabled City of Z, that the buildings are made of glass.

Gold or Glass? You Decide

I reflected on that as I drove through the metrospawl on the way back from my old pal, the dentist. And I imagined the ruin, the vast mound, that will be the rebar legacy of this conurbation when it comes crashing down, as it must.

A Typical Millionaire Degenerate

Speaking of which, Charlie Rose has come crashing down. Sic transit gloria degeneracy.




LL said...

According to the corrupt media, Rose used to run around naked at parties. I pity those people who felt it necessary to remain at the party and view his 75 year old body doing the 'sham-sham-shimmy' in the nude. Gross.

Not even a golden sunset could fix that. Not close.

Jules said...

*I reflected on that* Really...You're just too punny.

LSP said...

Juliette, we must keep our wits about us when the WOLF is at the door.

LSP said...

I get the feeling, LL, that there's a whole level of degeneracy I wasn't aware of. Is Charley an eyes wide shut satanist? I don't know, but the thought of the sham-sham-shimmy doesn't put me in mind of heaven.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Charlie is shocked, shocked i tell you that all these hot 20-something women did not share his amorous feelings.

LSP said...

Looks like Charley got a bit ahead of himself, Infidel.