Wednesday, January 8, 2020

K9 Genius

Do you get the impression that the Persian business is a kind of political theater? Speaking of which, some idiot savant's declared that America would need a million troops to invade and conquer Iran.

Really? A million soldiers to take out Iran? I put the question to Blue Battlegroup, who replied by way of snatching up a tennis ball and savaging it with his fangs. A message to Tehran, perhaps, which has wisely stood down to the tune of President Trump's message of peace and love.

Some call it the shortest World War in history.

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LL said...

Don't invade Iran. No need for boots on the ground. Take out its ability to pump and export oil, destroy the infrastructure, destroy lines of supply and communication and just walk away. I admit that it's not what we usually do. It's just what I would do if it came to war with the beards.

LindaG said...

What LL said. Planes and missiles. No troops.

Old NFO said...

Agree with LL... Done...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Boots on the ground just long enough to take out their "deep state" then leave. Let the decent Persians finish the job.

Kid said...

"a million troops to invade and conquer Iran." ??

Iran would be a button war. No troops. None. Zero. Take out the gas refineries and oil infrastructure and whatever military infrastructure. Air drop kevlar and automatic weapons in heavily populated Iranian civilian areas and it's Done. Heck, with that last bit you may not even has to take out the oil infrastructure.

LSP said...

Forgive the late response but I agree with all comments. That said, the Private's eager to get in some action, there'd be something wrong if he wasn't, at this stage, imo.

Thank God we have an anti-war president.

In the meanwhile, behold the shortest world war that ever there was. Let's hope this trend continues.

MAGA 2020.