Sunday, January 12, 2020

Our Town MAGA 2020

"The sun's gone down on my town." Respect to Miss Dement, but that's exactly what we're working to turn around, putting an end to the asset-stripping gutting of our country by a transnational crew of elite Illuminati sociopaths.

The message resonates, which is why 45's filling stadiums and Groper Biden isn't. Look out, Virginia.

Watch my tracer.

MAGA 2020,



Jim said...

That Waylon tune is IMHO one of his very best performances. It was written by a man named Steve Young who also wrote Seven Bridges Road. Young was also a pretty decent performer in his own right and his music is well worth seeking out. Sadly he crossed over about four years ago.

Fredd said...

I just got this feeling that 2020 will be our year. The Dems have done their level best to create havoc and deny any positive results of conservative policies.

And now this impeachment foolishness, we'll see how that plays in Peoria.

LSP said...

I totally agree, Jim. Just outstanding.

Didn't know the background to the song, thanks for that.

LSP said...

Sure feels that way, Fredd. The impeachment circus hasn't done them any favors, at all, and neither has anything else. Go figure, no borders, drag queen story hour, support the mullahs, raise taxes and ban all the guns isn't very popular outside the bi-coastal lib bubble.

RHT447 said...

"Watch my tracer".

When I was in the reserves, several of my comrades in arms had served in Vietnam. One of the them had been a platoon leader (Army). He was first issued a CAR-15 which proved itself to be a jam-a-matic in short order. He went to see the company 1st Sgt., who was also the unit armorer.

"Top, I can't have this. What else have we got that works?".

"Well Lieutenant, the only other weapon we have is an M1-D sniper rifle, and the only ammo we have for it is tracer."

"Well, let me have it then. Anything has got to be better than this POS".

That old M1 turned out to be the bees knees. He would scan with the scope, and when he spotted a target, he would send a tracer, where upon his entire platoon would unload on that spot.