Saturday, December 10, 2016

Washington Fake News Post

All the world knows that the Washington Post has run a story claiming that Russia influenced the outcome of this year's election by providing WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked Democrat emails. 

This, apparently, is the finding of a "secret" CIA report and is presented to the public without a shred of evidence.

Leaving aside the risible Washington Post's journalistic credibility, which is on a par with CNN and the New York "got it wrong" Times, surely the story is this. What's in the emails?

The laughably Hillary boosting, fake news masquerading as as objective journalism, Post chooses not to cover the content and malfeasance contained in Hillary's inner circle emails. Instead, it attempts to derail Trump's historic landslide victory by throwing doubt on the validity of the election. 

More than that, the shamelessly shilling for Hillary Post does so at the risk of reigniting the Cold War, banging on the same war drum that was employed by the miserably losing Hillary campaign.

Really? You'll go so far as to risk a conflict with Russia in order to make the brazenly corrupt, self-serving, lying, criminal Hillary Clinton look good? As though that was even possible.

Sorry, Washington Fake News Post, the country voted against you and the multi-millionaire, globalist, bicoastal socialist elitocracy, and it said no to the bizarrely corrupt   Hillary Rodham Clinton. You lost and you lost hard.

Get used to it.



LL said...

Thanks Russia, if in fact you handed hacked e-mail to Wikileaks. You did America a favor. We owe you one.

LSP said...

LL, I'd say we do. Thanks, Putin, if you're part way responsible for bringing Hillary down.


Adrienne said...

I said many, many months ago that when Trump wins he will team up with Putin to wipe out ISIS.

As for the "news" sites and all this yammer about fake news? Yawn.

LSP said...

Right on, Adrienne.

The "news" sites? What a crew of shameless shills.

Nobody cares.