Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Obama Fights Daesh

Good work, Commander-in-Chief, and you didn't win the War on Weather, either. There's a book out by a Secret Service agent that says Barack Hussein Obama was and is a Muslim.


ISIS laughs,



LL said...

Of course he's a Muslim.

Everything to the contrary is propaganda.

It's just like Podesta's crew worshiped Satan. It's what they do and what they did.

Fredd said...

"Losing wars" is not the way Barry would put it, Pastor. He won these wars, with caveats. Great, big honking caveats.

LSP said...

There we were, LL, fighting a war against Islamic terror and the country elects a Commander named "Hussein." Couldn't make it up.

LSP said...

Fredd, "caveat" is polite. Hussein couldn't even beat his #1 enemy, The Weather.

Anonymous said...

What's the book to which you refer?

LSP said...

"The Black House," Anonymous. Check it out: