Friday, December 23, 2016

Check Out This Piece Of Trash


Check it out, a piece of trash I found in the street as I was walking Blue Steak Eater. There it was, lying in the gutter, along with the cast-off weaves, rusting needles and associated curbside debris which is all that remains of the Democrats' wanton lust for power.

A Typical Texas Street Scene

In associated news, President Putin has sen a cordial letter to President Trump, sensibly implying an entente between our two powers. Note that the Russian strongman and former KGB Colonel signs off his missive by referring to President Trump as "His Excellency." 

Obama had a rather different treatment at the hands of the Russians, but that's another story again.

Your Friend,



LindaG said...

No surprise that no one respected Obama.

I pray that this country will turn back to God, when he does great things through Mr. Trump.
But right now, I don't see that happening.

Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone.

Fredd said...

I wonder if Barry bowed to Vladimir, too, as he did to every other head of state he ever met.

Vlad knows a weenie when he meets one. And The Donald ain't no weenie.

LL said...

The Democrats are mightily concerned that draining the swamp, renegotiating treaties, making the US business friendly again, improving the lives of people in the fetid inner cities and bringing jobs to people who just want to work would deprive them of their "base". Add to that an era of peace through strength, and it's terrifying. The mainstream media has to destroy that very possibility. But people aren't listening to the Communist News Network or MSNBC - presenting the news wearing onesies.

Jules said...

Putin is a very smart mentalist.