Thursday, December 1, 2016

You Filthy Little Beast

No, not the repellent Anthony Weiner, just this deadly assault rifle! That's the problem with ARs, they get filthy dirty because of their gas impingement system and if you don't clean them they don't work. 

A Democrat. Repellent.

Similar, when you think of it, to our system of governance; if its not cleaned out periodically it gets clogged up with filth and breaks.

A Gun

With that in mind, I took down this AR down and gave the beast a scrubbing. It's a good weapon, dirt aside, with a CMMG lower, a nondescript Anderson upper receiver, a Bison (? I forget...) 16" barrel, Hipertouch EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger), CMMG bolt carrier group, Fortis lightweight handguard, Magpul stock and open sights and a Mega pistol grip.


The gun started off as a stock CMMG carbine, which was fine until I wanted an upgrade. Thanks to a kind church person, who built me an 18" barreled Upper upgrade, I was left with spare parts and an interest in putting a gun together myself. 


So I did, using the old CMMG Lower and BCG (Bolt Carrier Group) and, long story short, came out of the action with two DARs (Deadly Assault Rifles), one long and geared towards precision and the other short and sharp. Learned how to build an AR15 too, which is a valuable skill by anyone's reckoning.

Sorry, Libs, You Lose

Unless you're a pathetic, whining, comsymp shill for the ultra-wealthy transnational NWO Globalist Elitocracy, in which case, like Hitler, you want to stop people from owning guns. Well guess what, Illuminati Satanists, you lost this time in America. Who knows, maybe Europe will follow suit.

Gun rights,



LL said...

Maybe the day will come when honest Europeans will be able to own arms and use them for their defense. You don't disarm a free people.

Fredd said...

Back in my misspent your in the army, I used to be able to break down, clean and reassemble an M-16 blindfolded.

Yes, Blindfolded (it simulates night time light out combat conditions). And drunk (this simulates normal garrison living conditions). If you do it a few thousand times, you get the knack for it, both in drinking beers and cleaning M-16s. This AR-15 above looks pretty similar, only difference really is the selector switch on the M-16 has one more position; full auto.

LSP said...

LL, they might just start getting them regardless...

LSP said...

I remember the old blindfold trick, Fredd, from my time in Her Majesty's finest! For us it was the old FN FAL (L1A1 or SLR). An Israeli friend of mine says, "Oh yes, the Broomstick."

Did you have the expression "drunk on parade"? (punishable...) I thought that was military hyperbole, until I discovered it wasn't.

And right, the M16 & AR are pretty much the same weapon. I like mine a lot, dirty little beast though.

Jules said...

Only a bloke would clean his gun next to his cooker. And....are you cleaning it with that bottle of Bio oil there? It might just be better than WD40 - just sayin'. :)

LSP said...

Jules, Bio Oil, what a miracle cure. Maybe it'd work on guns, good call. And in the kitchen? Got to be well armed in case the food fights back.