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Monday, January 22, 2018

Melania Mondays!

Just because legions of DC paper pushers are taking a holiday thanks to vote hungry Democrats doesn't mean America's popular and glamorous First Lady takes a break. Far from it, Melania took to social media this weekend to say how much she's enjoyed her first year as FLOTUS.

"This has been a year filled with many wonderful moments. I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet throughout our great country & the world!" 

The people of America have enjoyed the First Lady too and weren't shy to say so on Twitter. For example:

"Thank you Melania for gracing our White House with your elegance, quiet strength, intelligence, gentle loving spirit and love for God and this country. We have needed you for a very long time!!"

"You have been a great and unique, blessed addition to @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Presidency. We are grateful for all U do especially for America and for loving the American people who have been badly mistreated during last 8 years. G-D Bless you. EB."

"From the moment you stepped on the national stage you have brought grace & style to your position. Everywhere you travel you make us proud as a people. You have endured much unfair criticism which you rise above. Thank you for all you do, gracious First Lady of our land."

"Thank u dear Melania. You bring such grace and beauty with u every where u go as u represent America. We r so thankful. God Bless You."

However, some compared the stylish former model and devout catholic unfavourably to her predecessor, Michelle Obama. Here at Melania Mondays! we leave you to be the judge of that.

Well done Melania, for doing your part to make America great again and happy anniversary!



Monday, September 11, 2017

Melania Mondays!

There's no mistaking that the anniversary of the World Trade Center atrocity is somber. But this doesn't mean that the popular series, Melania Mondays! sleeps. On the contrary.

America's First Lady paid her respects to the fallen today, wearing a basic black coat dress by Michael Kors. Did she look good? Most definitely.

But look into Melania's eyes and ask yourself, would I cross this woman? If you've just answered "Yes, I would," look again and revise your faulty opinion.

Well done, Melania, for lifting our spirits, terrifying our enemies and doing your part to Make America Great Again.



Monday, July 10, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Some people don't like Mondays, like the miserable, aging superstar pop legend, Bob Geldof, they want to shoot the whole day down. 

Here at the Compound we want to change that, which is why we're bringing you yet another uplifting episode in the popular series, Melania Mondays! And what a week it's been in the life of America's glamorous First Lady.

Yet again, Melania turned heads and dazzled abroad, this time on a trip to Europe and the G20 Summit. Not only that, the former Yugoslavian model struck a blow for detente in meetings with Vladimir Putin, obviously impressing the Russian strongman.

Ever maternal, the First Lady even took time time be with children, congratulating one youngster on their clever creation of a 3d printed high heeled shoe.

Unsurprisingly, Melania is soaring in the polls and who can blame the punters? Consider the alternative. Remember this?

Beautiful, wasn't it. Things have changed now, fortunately.

Thank you, Melania, for doing your part to make America great again.



Monday, May 22, 2017

Melania Mondays!

If you're a millionaire socialist New Wave has-been, like Bob Geldof, you don't like Mondays and want to shoot the whole day down. But we don't feel that way at the Compound because Monday means Melania Mondays! 

A Millionaire Socialist

That's a cause to celebrate as Melania dazzles the world on her first foreign policy trip. Hailed as Trump's "breakout star", the glamorous First Lady's been turning heads from Riyadh to Jerusalem.

Hailed by local Arab press as "conservative and classy," Melania wowed onlookers from the moment she stepped off Airforce One and only continued to impress. 

Whether walking with royalty, spending time with children or holding Israel's First Lady's hand, Melania won hearts and minds.

Well done, First Lady, for doing your part to make America great again.



Monday, April 10, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Maybe you had a good weekend, maybe not, but whatever the case it's about to get better. That's right, because it's Melania Monday! One notable member of the intelligence community sent in this uplifting picture of the First Lady:

And who can blame him, Melania's looking good unlike, say, Chelsea Handler or Rosie O'Donnell. 

Both unattractive Chelsea and repellent Rosie are millionaire socialists who think it's wrong to make America great again. 

Melania, who isn't a canting, hypocritical, venal, leftist celebtrity, thinks differently and is now being praised by CNN for demonstrating "grace, kindness and patience."

Well done, First Lady, for doing your part to lift the spirit and heart of the nation.



Monday, March 20, 2017

Melania Mondays!

A lot of people don't like Monday, it's a bad day for them as they return to the daily grind of commuting to the cubicle, but here at the Compound we're trying to change that, to make life better by bringing you Melania Mondays! What's happening in the life of America's popular First Lady?

Quite apart from settling lawsuits, caring for children, standing up for women on Twitter and hosting the wives of foreign dignitaries, Melania's planning to move into the White House in June. What a welcome addition that'll be!

And, of course, she's looking good and doing her not inconsiderable part to make America great again. Some people don't like this, they prefer Hillary and Michelle. That would be a culpably ignorant, foolish, wrongheaded mistake.


Imagine, if you can, how the corrupt, smug, aggressive, condescending, venal, elitist, out of touch, rude, hypocritical mainstream media would be fawning over Melania if she were a Democrat. Instead, they keep a surly, critical, distasteful distance and the country holds them yet further in scorn and derision.

Perhaps they will see the error of their ways. In the meanwhile, well done, Melania!




Monday, March 13, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Some people don't like Mondays, they want to shoot the whole day down. But we're here to change that, bringing you another uplifting installment in the popular series, Melania Mondays! So what's Melania been up to?

She's been rising in the polls, for a start. According to the left-leaning very fake news network, CNN, Melania has risen in the polls by 16 points since her husband's inauguration. That's right, 52% of Americans view the First Lady favorably as opposed to 36% at the inauguration.

However, according to the Clinton News Network, which unashamedly boosted Hillary in the election while pretending to be non-partisan and objective, Melania is less popular in her first year than Michelle Obama, who scored a whopping 93% approval with Democrats and 50% approval from Repubulicans.

As we saw in the election, false polls put forward by the corrupt, lying, elite media shouldn't be believed. All of them predicted a massive Trump loss. All of them were proved massively mistaken.

So here at the Compound we urge you to take CNN's statistics with more than a grain of salt. Michelle Obama, more popular than Melania?

Don't be absurd.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Melania Mondays!

What's our nation's attractive, glamorous and popular First Lady been up to since the last exciting installment of Melania Mondays!?

Only looking stunningly good, opening the White House to tours and visiting sick children at Children's National in DC and Presbyterian in New York.

Melania isn't just the most beautiful First Lady this country's had, she's also compassionate and maternal. Think, we could have had a very different kind of woman in the White House.

The very same entity our corrupt, lying, faked up, elitist media pushed for so hard and failed so dismally at electing.

That woman lost, Melania didn't and she's busy looking good, caring for children and making America great again. Well done, Melania, keep it up!



Monday, February 27, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Here we are again, bringing you, the reader, another uplifting installment of Melania Mondays! and we're pleased to present this picture of America's glamorous First Lady, submitted by a well known member of the intelligence community. Here she is, looking studious.

Studious Melania

What else has Melania been up to, when she's not working hard at the desk, suing malefactors and making America great again?

Governor's Ball Melania

Not going to the millionaire socialist, slap-on-the-back-fest Oscars, that's for sure. Instead the popular presidential consort was hosting the Governor's Ball in DC and looking good. All in pleasant contrast to previous First Ladies.

First Lady

Well done, Melania, keep it up!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Melania Mondays!

It's that time of the week again, the best time of the week, that's right, Monday, Melania Monday! So what's America's popular and glamorous First Lady been up to? Only leading a Florida rally, and by proxy the nation, in prayer.

God-Fearing Melania

God-fearing Melania opened the Presidential rally at Orlando-Melboune Airport with the Lord's Prayer last Saturday, causing leftist heads to explode in paroxysms of scorn and derision. One antisocial media user, Harry Benson (@TrumpUriNation) went to far as to blasphemously accuse Melania of being a "whore." Benson's Twitter page no longer exists.

Melania Prays. Demons Hate Prayer

People that are possessed hate the Lord's Prayer, it makes them lash out in furious rage; the demons that drive them don't like it, you see. Perhaps that says something about the left in general and the critics of Melania's prayer in particular. You be the judge.

In the meanwhile, well done Melania for leading the nation in prayer. Keep up the good work!

God bless,