Monday, March 13, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Some people don't like Mondays, they want to shoot the whole day down. But we're here to change that, bringing you another uplifting installment in the popular series, Melania Mondays! So what's Melania been up to?

She's been rising in the polls, for a start. According to the left-leaning very fake news network, CNN, Melania has risen in the polls by 16 points since her husband's inauguration. That's right, 52% of Americans view the First Lady favorably as opposed to 36% at the inauguration.

However, according to the Clinton News Network, which unashamedly boosted Hillary in the election while pretending to be non-partisan and objective, Melania is less popular in her first year than Michelle Obama, who scored a whopping 93% approval with Democrats and 50% approval from Repubulicans.

As we saw in the election, false polls put forward by the corrupt, lying, elite media shouldn't be believed. All of them predicted a massive Trump loss. All of them were proved massively mistaken.

So here at the Compound we urge you to take CNN's statistics with more than a grain of salt. Michelle Obama, more popular than Melania?

Don't be absurd.



LL said...

The smug, rude, obnoxious, churlish, corrupt, progressive, elite mainstream media would prefer the Texas tranny mayor (featured on my blog today) to Melania, but that's how they roll. You can never expect an honest statement from those people, or a poll that reflects reality. Their credibility circled the drain along with Hillary's aspirations to rule us.

Melania is as close to perfect as anyone would want a First Lady to be - charming, poised, beautiful, supporting her husband.

If I was a reporter at CNN, I might accuse her of being a Stepford Wife. But that woman is all flesh and blood, no robot parts there.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

If Trump were a Democrat you can bet the press would be pushing Melania as "the reincarnation of Jackie Kennedy."

LindaG said...

Hubby still watches CNN and them sometimes. He says he needs to see what the enemy is up to.
Even Fox tends to give me a headache now days, though I do like Fox better than the others.
Which isn't saying a lot, haha!

I don't see how anyone can put Michelle as better than anyone. I can't stand her.

Melania is a perfect First Lady.

Jules said...

I like her coat. Now I’ve seen both her coats I rather favour the red one. Goes with the MAGA hat. Complimentary attire is essential.

She’s more popular than Nicola Sturgeon. Whom I HATE. #AFishCalledStupid

drjim said...

Melania is the classiest First Lady in a VERY long time!

LSP said...

LL, the smug elitocrat, fake news media will never give Melania her due. They think Mitchell Obama was a perfect First Lady and that Killary was eminently qualified.

I'm not saying that they're possessed by the Devil but I will say this, Satan is the Father of Lies.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Infidel. Their malfeasance knows no bounds.

LSP said...

Linda, I can hardly bear to watch normal TV these days. It's rarely better than disturbing and often far, far worse.

LSP said...

Jules, I understand that Sturgeon was elected. What I fail to understand is why. Maybe the people will rise up and put an end to it? Like the European Union of Globalists itself?

I think the red coat looks good too. Well done, Melania!

LSP said...

Drjim, I have to agree!