Thursday, March 30, 2017

Drain The Swamp

Maybe it's because it's spring, maybe it's because the administration's effort to drain the swamp is filtering through on a personal level, but whatever the case, I figured it was time to clean up the Compound.

That meant moving chests of drawers, a piano, a table, a TV, and sorting out a guest room, the gun room and part of the living room. Quite a job, which involved getting a surprisingly cheap good deal of a table. A Mexican painter helped me move it off the rig and into the house; thanks, Lupe.

So the old, malfunctioning, self-serving, establishment was broken up and the trash taken out. Lo and behold, the Compound's a happier place. 

In related news, EU Boss, Jean-Claude Juncker, has threatened to break up the United States because of President Trump's support for BREXIT. 

You and whose army, Juncker, the American one you don't pay for?




LindaG said...

Him and all the lunatic feminists and illegal aliens and muslim 'refugees'.
But yes, the Second Amendment will see him, and the lunatic feminazis if we have anything to say about it.

Blue looks confused. But since he just got out of jail, that's understandable.

A blessed weekend to you all.

LL said...

Though they may not see it this way, the EU has a lot more to worry about from 1,000,000 military age Mohammedans that they moved into the neighborhood than the USA, 3000 miles away.

Nice Table. I presume that Blue Inspector approved.

Jules said...

Well done, renovation man!

Whatever, Juncker. Nobody cares.

LSP said...

Blue was a bit perturbed by the new table, Linda!

LSP said...

I was happily surprised by the table, LL, really cheap. Blue Quality Control gave it a paws up.

LSP said...

Well said, Jules. Who is this "Juncker" anyway?