Thursday, March 2, 2017

Glitter Ash

Just when you thought Western religion couldn't get any gayer , along comes Glitter Ash. That's right, Glitter Ash, instead of the cis gendered, heteronormative oppression ash which churches typically use on Ash Wednesday. But don't take my word for it, here's Parity, describing the thinking behind Glitter Ash.

Ashes are a statement that death and suffering are real.Glitter is a sign of our hope, which does not despair.Glitter signals our promise to repent, to show up, to witness, to work.Glitter never gives up -- and neither do we.

Glitter signals our promise to repent. Unh hunh, sure, all the way to the nearest disco. Parity continues.

Glitter+Ash is an inherently queer sign of Christian belief, blending symbols of mortality and hope, of penance and celebration. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, a season of repentance. During Lent, Christians look inward and take account in order to move forward with greater health. At this moment in history, glitter ashes will be a powerful reminder of St. Augustine’s teaching that we cannot despair because despair paralyzes, thwarting repentance and impeding the change that we are called to make.

Oh yeah, right, of course. Next time you see some dude wandering around wearing leather chaps and no trousers, with some glitter on his forehead, think of St. Augustine. And repentance, obviously.

Glitter+Ash exquisitely captures the relationship between death and new life. We do not live in fear of ash - of death - we place it on our foreheads for the world to see. 
How very beautiful. Glitter Ash is incredibly gay a symbol of resurrection and new life in the midst of death, as opposed to being an exercise in degenerate, narcissistic exhibitionism.

You can get your Glitter Ash here when it's back in stock.




the egyptian said...

some dude wandering around wearing leather chaps and no trousers, with some glitter on his forehead

would you say he is making an ash of himself?

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Cough! Hack! Bwahahahahahah!

"Just when you thought Western religion couldn't get any gayer , along comes Glitter Ash."

Dangit, Parson! I lost some good espresso on the monitor that time! LOLOLOL!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Have we as a society reached 'Peak Gayness" yet? Surely the gay reservoirs are at peak capacity. Where is the emergency spill offs?

LSP said...

Egyptian, I just laughed.

LSP said...

Grunt, I know, I'm laughing too. I mean for goodness sake...

LSP said...

Can we get any gayer, Infidel? Surely not but I keep thinking that and along comes something like Glitter Ash. Disturbing. And where are the spill-offs? Good question.

LL said...

I hope all of the churches in Austin and San Francisco don't run out of glitter ash...that would be a crisis, wouldn't it.

Glitter ash wouldn't clash with any craven clown costume you can be a repugnant clown and wear fashionable glitter ash.

I didn't see any glitter ash on the foreheads of commentators at NBC. Of course I don't watch NBC but I tuned in just to take it out. I wonder if the high priests of Baal prefer the mark of the beast to glitter ash - but both are impossibly progressive.

Anonymous said...

"All that glitters is not Gold" - JRR Tolkien

Theodore said...

Almost wants to make you start rooting for ISIS.....almost.

If someone wrote this as an Onion article, we'd all laugh and say that's some crazy stuff those writers can come up. The truth is unfortunately less funny.

Mattexian said...

Why do I feel like anyone wearing that, wouldn't be serious about giving something up for Lent?