Sunday, March 12, 2017

US Air Force Goes Snowflake

Already famous for it's diversity and inclusion strategies, the US Air Force has now gone full snowflake, at least at Lackland Air Force base, where a senior officer has banned a list of bad words. 

Following the example of Cardiff Met, the following words are now forbidden:

You People
Sounds Greek to me
Blondes have more fun
Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

Lackland AFB is in San Antonio, Texas, a state which is home to an estimated 125,000 transsexuals. How many of these are employed by the Air Force is presently unclear.

Carry on,



LL said...

But blondes do have more fun.

At the Dallas Light Cavalry Regiment (irregular), all of those words and phrases are acceptable. So says the RHSM.

And THAT is why I am self-employed these days, LSP. If I said, "hey, look at the pictures of my girls," somebody would be offended. I have stories from when I worked for the government that I'm not going to share here, because why? But it's the same point. It's stupid and I hate it. I don't hate LBGTQ-whatever people. If you're a whatever, you have a lot of problems in your life already including a head full of bad wiring. Me heaping BS on the lives of those cripples is not helpful nor is it Christian. But it doesn't mean that I buy into their dysfunction.

It's a lot the same with Mohammedans. That you are one is sad news for you. However, the nature of the faith is destructive and dysfunctional behavior. I'm not going to invite you into my country, state, county, city, neighborhood or home. I wouldn't invite a pack of mongrel dogs into my home to crap on the floor and wet on the drapes either. I'm sorry that they are who they are but it doesn't mean that I want to roll in their dung with them.

Pity for LGBTQ-whatever people is appropriate. Joining with them and allowing them to dictate my form of speech or anything else is not. Since gender and race are now progressively fluid, they should get over it too.

Adrienne said...

What LL said. (LL saves me sooooooo much time.)

Infidel de Manahatta said...

My father served proudly in the Air Force (stationed in Texas no less) and if it weren't for the fact that he was cremated would be turning over in his grave now.

LSP said...

But LL, you don't think transgender liberty is the great civil rights issue of our time? No, neither do I, unlike Joe Biden (!?!) and the Hillary machine.

They overstepped themselves on that score.

LSP said...

I think LL's in the x ring, Adrienne.

LSP said...

The air force is especially progleft lib, Infidel, at least that's the way I understand it. Hopefully DJT will set a different and better tone...

LL said...

If a progressive icon (say a Kardashian or their tranny daddy) tells the college fringe elements that eating poop is something cool, you'd have an entire generation dining on it.

The rude, corrupt, smug, corrupt, elite mainstream media would cheer them on.

If you disagree with the practice, you need to be purged.

LindaG said...

As an Air Force retiree, I am very disappointed to read that.
I preferred don't ask, don't tell. And I preferred it not needing to be policy.
I'm just wondering where I missed the point and the whole world seems to have gone bat guano crazy at once!

Be safe, all, and God bless.