Monday, March 27, 2017

Apocalyptic Storm

I had barely settled in for a relaxing evening after the Sunday Masses and visiting the sick and dying, when a worried churchperson called, "There's a big storm blowing in. The weather people are saying there'll be hailstones the size of golf balls!" Undaunted, I stepped onto the porch to see the action.

Sure enough, lightning was flashing across the sky, filling the still sky with its sudden glare, as yet noiseless, but promising greater things. A good cue to get an umbrella and go on patrol. Half way to the town square it began to rain, slowly at first then in great, pounding sheets. Thunder ripped and crashed from the heavens, like the wrath of God itself.

I took shelter at the Shamrock Pick 'N Steal and watched the rain before wading through flooded streets to the safety of the Compound and its porch. Would the town survive?

It did, but only just and by the grace of God. You can watch an exciting video of this exciting tempest here.

Weather the storm,



Jules said...

My goodness, LSP! Are you quite mad?
Clearly you're missing the English weather. That storm was so frightful it turned you upside down!

LindaG said...

Glad to hear you all made it through safely!

drjim said...

I'm waiting for my wife to flip out after we move to Colorado, and the first really good spring/summer storm rolls through.

She's never been through a big ThunderBoomer before, and I'm sure it will make an impression on her.

LSP said...

Juliette, I'd uploaded before I spotted that interesting segment. Now it stands as a colossal monument to sanity.

LSP said...

Fortunately. it wasn't as bad as predicted, Linda. I was worried for the windows and the truck.

LSP said...

They're quite a thing, drjim! Good luck in Colorado.

LL said...

The blue dog mojo that normally protects you was absent.

Fredd said...

I don't suppose you noticed any zombies associated with this maelstrom? If your going to have an apocalypse, there's gotta be zombies involved, everybody knows that.