Friday, March 3, 2017

The Russians Did it!!

I thought it had maybe run its course and the bizarre the Russians did it! narrative was finally coming to an end, if only through inertia. Hillary lost the election because the Russians stole it could only run for so long, with so little proof, before it became so obviously stupid that it had to retire.

Then BOOM. It seems that General Flynn had the traitorous temerity to talk with a Russian Ambassador. Oh. My. God. He had to resign. And now it's Attorney General Sessions, who also talked with the Russian Ambassador. What? Top US Government officials are actually talking with the Russian Ambassador?!? They're obviously traitors.

Yes, Russian agent traitors who wrecked our democratic process by stealing, that's right, stealing, the presidency from its rightful owner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. If it wasn't for them, their fellow travellers and their Kremlin puppet masters, Hillary would now have what's rightfully hers. She would be PRESIDENT. 

That's the subcurrent of subthought running beneath the hysterical Democrat Russian witch hunt. Leaving aside the irony of the party of unicorns, peace signs and gender fluids beating the anti-Russian war drum, ponder this.

Why aren't the same Press and Party that are whipping up a Cold War frenzy investigating Hillary's ties with Russia? You know, that awkward Uranium One/Rosatom deal which gave Russia control over 20% of US uranium.

It seems the Democrats and their MSM propaganda arm have two standards when it comes to Russia. One for Hillary and another for Trump and the team who beat her, and did they win because evil masterminds in the Kremlin rigged our election?

No. They won because people voted for Trump instead of the worst, most corrupt, scandal ridden candidate the Democrats could find.

Hubris may well have stolen the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton, but it sure wasn't Russia. Time to face reality, Democrats, and move on. You lost. 

Get over it.



LL said...

This whole blame the Russian boondoggle is pure smoke and hokem.

But the Donkey Party doesn't have much else to say except, "we surrender to Trump". They'll keep beating that drum through the mainstream media, which is the real Donkey Party.

Trump's speech the other day has thrown them into a full-blown panic. He's forcing the Democrats to oppose jobs, infrastructure rebuilding, labor unions, fair trade agreements, etc. Next he'll force the Democrats to oppose crippled children or something. If they didn't have the Ministry of Truth on their side, they'd really be up the creek without a paddle.

Anonymous said...


Roosevelt and Churchill secretly met Russian dictator Joseph Stalin in 1943 and again in 1945. QED Roosevelt and Churchill are traitors. Dig them up and put their corpses on trial.

LSP said...

I gave the speech 10 for content and good call, he has them in a policy checkmate. Let's hope he delivers on the jobs...

In the meanwhile, enough of the stupid "Russians did it!" donkey fauxtrage hysteria. At some point, that call might just come back to bite them.

Adrienne said...

What LL said.

BW said...


LSP said...

LL's right, Adrienne.

LSP said...

Exactly, BW.