Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fish Soldier's Bluff

Well. I didn't follow my own advice and watch Leprechaun, awesome though it is, and I didn't drink any Guinness, annoyingly. But I did go to Soldier's Bluff after Evening Prayer in search of fish.

It was a bust at first and I thought it'd stay that way. Then, as the bright sun started to go down, the fish started nibbling and then biting. Out came 5 Blue Gill and one small Bass in short order. Good result.

Apart from the excitement of catching the small but feisty fish, it was simply good to get out in the open air and enjoy the view of the lake from the bank. 

I gave my left over worms to some kids, I hope they caught something, and you can view excerpts from the adventure at, ahem, Incredible Video!

Fish on,



LL said...

Where is the video?

Fishing is good for the soul whether or not you catch fish.

LSP said...

Sorry LL, forgot to include the link (there now) and here's a url to the nascent and ridiculous "channel":

I see Cooking With LSP on the horizon but... the video potential's endless...