Friday, March 3, 2017

Hypocritical Lying Shills

Pelosi, Schumer, faux Russia hysteria hypocrites? No, never. That's why Pelosi lied about meeting with the Russian Ambassador.

And here's Soviet agent Schumer with Vladimir Putin, getting it on with the Krispy Kremes.

Per usual, Trump's taken to Twitter to expose the lying fauxtrage hypocrisy of leading Democrats when it comes to the faked up Russian witch hunt. You can read about it here and here.

In related news, is Pelosi possessed? 

You be the judge,



Adrienne said...

Reading something like "Hypocritical Lying Shills" always makes me think, "Other than that they're okay." heh

I saw that pic of bobble head Chuckie giving Putin a Krispy Kreme and was surprised it didn't start WWIII. KK's are vile overly sweet and over priced pieces of drek - other than that they're okay.

LL said...

Somebody poured water on Pelosi's face and she melted...or perhaps some blessed ash blew on her on Ash Wednesday with a similar result?

The Egyptian said...

satanic, the whole damn lot of them, and now we find out Obummer had Trumps phones bugged at trump tower before the election, WTF, talk about communist

The Egyptian said...

and of course the Sun, the brits do a better job than the msm over here, all in the bag of progressives

LindaG said...

I think all dems are possessed. As are all RINOs.

They all need to get on with it. What is up with the Supreme Court nominee? Has he been appointed yet? I don't watch MSM any more so sadly, I am clueless.

Dear Lord, please bless us all this week, Amen.